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Keeping in mind the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government wants to strengthen the country’s infrastructure. The road of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway has been prepared up to Rajasthan. Which will be inaugurated on Sunday. With a length of 1,386 km, this expressway will be India’s longest expressway, which will boost connectivity between national capital Delhi and financial capital Mumbai. This will reduce the driving time by half.

Though these projects have been going on for many years, it is being finalized a year before the elections. This will benefit the BJP and this may be the intention of the BJP-ruled government to win its party in 2024.

Elections to be held in Rajasthan this year

The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will connect five states – Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. The Rajasthan phase is to be inaugurated on Sunday. Assembly elections are due in the Congress-ruled state this year. Some people are seeing politics in this project ahead of next year’s elections.

Expressway will be 1,400 km long

The approximately 1,400 km long Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will have eight lanes and will be the longest expressway in India. It will be built at a cost of over Rs 1 lakh crore.

Mudit Garg, project director, National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), said, “As of now, our 246-km section is completely ready. There is an interchange at about 180 km, which goes directly to Jaipur. The Dausa section is ready. We are almost ready.” Can reach Jaipur in two to two and a half hours.”

Will be equipped with these features

The expressway will have facilities like electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, helipads, trauma care centers and dedicated lanes for EVs. The government says that this is the first highway in Asia to have animal overpass and wildlife crossing.

The top speed on the expressway will be 120 kmph for all vehicles, which will help in saving fuel. The estimated savings are around 300 million liters of fuel and 800 million kg of carbon emissions every year.



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