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Pakistan Army News: India’s neighbor Pakistan is currently facing a double crisis. While on the one hand the economic situation has turned from bad to worse, on the other hand, in the case of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, the whole world is crying foul. The people of Pakistan are craving for food. For every penny, he has to beg in front of the IMF and other countries of the world. In the midst of all these crises, the Pakistani army, holding ammunition in its hands, has decided to do farming. Pakistan’s Punjab government has given 45 thousand acres of land to the army, in which it will do ‘corporate agriculture farming’. It is worth mentioning that the Pakistani army has defamed the world many times. Also, it has faced defeat at the hands of India in the past.

The Pakistani army has been allowed to do farming so that it can increase the yield of crops. This entire project will be in joint venture. Sources in the armed forces said, “The army will play a role at the management level to make the project a success. However, the ownership of the land would remain with the provincial government. The army will not get any benefit or share in the revenue from corporate agriculture farming. ”The report said that corporate agriculture farming will be started on 45,267 acres of land in Bhakkar, Khushab and Sahiwal districts of the Punjab government. The project will be completed in phases.

Decision regarding barren and less cultivated land
Pakistani website Geo TV quoted sources as saying that the army plays a role every year to ensure food security and availability of water in agricultural land. “The army has also been a part of projects of national importance like the construction of the Karakoram Highway in the past. It has now decided to play its role in increasing the agricultural produce. Army will facilitate the project and nothing else. That’s why criticism in social media is unnecessary. ”According to sources, corporate companies will also be involved in this project, which will be completed in a phased manner. Under the project, state land of the Punjab government which is barren and under-cultivated will be used for corporate farming. Local people will be made part of the project for modern and mechanized farming.

It will be a big task to make the land cultivable
This project is considered to be very challenging, as arranging water to make the land cultivable will be a huge task. The Joint Venture Management Agreement was signed with the Government of Punjab on March 8, 2023. Under the agreement, the Punjab government will hand over 45,267 acres of land in its state to the Army for corporate agriculture farming. The Punjab Board of Revenue has been asked to provide 981 acres, Chak 61 MB, Tehsil and District Khushab, to the Livestock Department by March 17, and 837 acres to the Agriculture Department, Chak 5 MB, Tehsil Qaidabad, by March 18. At the same time, the departments are allowed to keep some part of the land according to their needs for research purposes.

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