Bigg Boss winner MC Stan receives threat of beating, rapper runs away in the middle of the show

MC Stan receives threat - India TV Hindi

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Bigg Boss winner MC Stan receives threat

Famous rapper and ‘Bigg Boss 16’ winner MC Stan was performing in Indore on Friday night, which he had to stop midway. Activists of Karni Sena created ruckus at the event of famous rapper MC Stan in Indore, alleging that he used profanity in his songs, thereby spreading obscenity among the youth. According to information, after a ruckus in a hotel in Lasudia area of ​​Indore, the organizers had to stop this program of MC Stan in the middle, due to which the winner of reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss 16’ could see rapper MC Stan. A lot of resentment was seen in his fans who came to listen.

police had to lathi charge

According to the information, the police overcame the people creating ruckus by mild lathi charge. Anurag Pratap Singh Raghav, District President of Karni Sena said, “MC Stan is spreading obscenity among the youth by using profanity in his songs. In view of this, we had already informed the event organisers, hotel management and police-administration that if Stan used indecent language during his presentation in Indore, Karni Sena would kick him.

District President of Karni Sena said this

Anurag Pratap Singh Raghav alleged that MC Stan, during his performance in Indore, used foul language and sang songs containing foul language in front of the young audience. Anurag Pratap Singh Raghav further said that Karni Sena activists took charge following the use of foul language during the event, prompting the rapper to leave the spot immediately. Meanwhile, some videos of the ruckus have surfaced, in which Karni Sena activists are seen practically occupying the empty stage of Stan’s show after his departure by climbing onto it.

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