Owaisi reached Bihar to raise the political temperature why is there a threat to the grand alliance Know AIMIM Seemanchal planning

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After the arrival of AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi in Seemanchal, the political mercury of Bihar is also going to increase. Owaisi has arrived on a two-day tour. During this, he will address padayatra and public meetings in Kishanganj and Purnia. If anyone is in maximum danger from this visit of Owaisi, then it is the Grand Alliance. On the other hand, even if the BJP does not say anything about this tour, it is going to benefit politically. Owaisi’s visit to Seemanchal for the Lok Sabha elections 2024 is being seen as the beginning of Mission Bihar. There are many reasons behind why Owaisi chose Seemanchal.

Why is Seemanchal special?
Earlier in Seemanchal, there was a grand rally of the Grand Alliance. In which all the 7 allies also participated. Which was seen as a show of strength. On the other hand, on behalf of BJP, Amit Shah also held public meetings in this area. Actually everyone sees Muslim vote bank here. Because there is a sizeable population of Muslims in this area. In such a situation, no one can let such a huge vote bank go out of hand. Perhaps this is the reason why every political party is very serious about Seemanchal. And now even Owaisi has jumped into the political battle of Seemanchal.

What is Owaisi’s preparation for Seemanchal tour
Lost political ground is also an important reason for Owaisi’s visit to Seemanchal. Because in the 2020 Bihar assembly elections, 5 MLAs of AIMIM had won. But 4 of those MLAs had switched sides and joined RJD. Due to which Owaisi has once again made up his mind to start his mission of Seemanchal. During the two-day tour, Owaisi will hold meetings in Seemanchal areas on March 18-19. On the first day, workers will hold conferences at Bayasi and Dagarua in Purnia. His public meeting will also be held at Khadi Ghat in Amour block. In the evening, there will be a meeting at Bhatta Haat of Kochadhaman block.

On Sunday i.e. March 18, Owaisi will hold workers conference at different places of Bahadurganj assembly constituency. He will also undertake a foot march from Bhedbheri to Kharkhadi Ghat in Pothia block. On the other hand, Owaisi will go among the public regarding local issues. AIMIM state president Akhtarul Iman says that RJD has got its MLAs in its fold. The party will definitely take account of that in the Lok Sabha elections. On the other hand, the enthusiasm of the workers is at its peak due to this visit of Owaisi.

Owaisi will again become a threat to the Grand Alliance
Owaisi has always been no less than a threat to the Grand Alliance. Be it the assembly elections or the recently held by-elections. Because of Owaisi, the Grand Alliance had to face defeat in Kudhani and Gopalganj. And the reason was dent in the votes of Muslims. Because on both these seats, AIMIM candidates were successful in breaking into the Muslim vote bank. The direct benefit of which was given to the BJP and the Grand Alliance had to face defeat. In such a situation, BJP is definitely happy with the entry of Owaisi in the battle of Bihar.

Preparation for burglary in Muslim vote bank
The Muslim-Yadav factor has always been important in the politics of Bihar. Somewhere Muslim Yadav, who was the vote bank of RJD, is now divided. First JDU was successful in breaching the vote bank of Muslims and AIMIM has done the right thing. Now RJDA and JDU are part of Grand Alliance. But it was so once upon a time. When Muslims used to be supporters of RJD.

But when the NDA government came under the leadership of Nitish, the trend of Muslims turned towards JDU. And Nitish was also successful in getting them in his court. First, by creating Pasmanda category of backward Muslims, he attracted them towards him. And now he has won the support of Muslims through many schemes and his work. At present, the Grand Alliance is firmly in the fray for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. RJD and JDU are together. In such a situation, it has to be seen that how successful will AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi be able to take the revenge of 2020?

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