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Leo women are not as popular but they are a gem of a person. Tough nuts to crack but once you do, they are the best. Let’s see how they like love to be.

Let's see how they like love to be. (Unsplash)
Let’s see how they like love to be. (Unsplash)

Her character: They are bold and confident. They don’t let anyone look down upon them even at their weakest. Though they do tend to have a temper issue, so beware of that. They are honest to the bone and will cheer you up in a second. Leo women are a mixture of sweetness and spice and everything nice.

As a lover: They believe love is forever. They agree relationships require continuous efforts and are always ready to keep up the chemistry in it. One will never find her lagging in love. If you need someone to share your deepest, darkest secrets with then Leo women are the ones. They love the people dear to them and would go to any extent for them. Consider yourself lucky if you have a Leo woman in your life.

How to date her: They demand loyalty. Leo women want their partners to look at them as if they’re their world. Anything less will surely not do. They definitely treat their men with utmost care and love. Though they might appear to have a hard shell, once they like you they will reveal their fun and adventurous side to you. Trust the process when dating a Leo.

The perfect date for her: A party! It’s their perfect date. To get to dress up and dance your heart out to cool songs, what else do we want right? A shopping trip to buy the latest fashion trends might also score you points.

Compatible signs: When it comes to being compatible with Leo women, you need to be dedicated. Sagittarius is a sign that would be great with them. Leos like to lead and Sagittarians are just carefree enough to let them and enjoy it. Another sign, that Leo women would be good with is Gemini. Leos and Gemini will be perfect for each other as they are both just as dedicated and clear in life and relationships.

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