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A video of actress Sonali Kulkarni is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, Sonali has spoken about the increasing demanding nature of women and increasing pressure on boys. On one hand, where this video is getting a lot of support, on the other hand Sonali is being trolled a lot on the internet because of this. Meanwhile, Urfi Javed has reacted to this video. Urfi Javed says that girls should demand rightfully.

What is Urfi’s tweet
Retweeting Sonali’s video, Urfi Javed wrote, ‘Whatever you said, it is very insensitive. You are calling modern women lazy, while they are managing not only their work but also household chores simultaneously. What is wrong with this if a girl wants her husband to earn well. For centuries, men considered women only as machines for producing children, and yes, the most important reason for marriage was dowry. Girls, don’t be afraid to ask or demand. Yes you are right that girls should work, but not everyone gets this privilege. Perhaps you are not able to see it.

Many girls in India are lazy….
Sonali is saying in the video, ‘Many girls in India are lazy, they want a boyfriend or husband who has a good job, who has a house… who has the assurance that they will get an increment. But that girl does not have the courage to say what will I do when you marry me. I want to tell all of you that create such women in your house, who are capable. Those who can earn for themselves…. Those who can say that yes we want to buy a new fridge, you give half the money, I will give half the money. I am not talking about quarrels, but he should have so much ability.

There is pressure on the boys.
In the video of about 5 minutes, Sonali gave the example of one of her friends and said that she has a distant friend. Are. It would be better that he lives separately, who needs the hassle of mother-in-law and father-in-law. Hearing this, Sonali told him that do you want a man or offers from the mall. He further added in his talk that as soon as he touches the age of 18 years, there is pressure on the boys that the fun is over, now they have to earn…. The family has to be supported, he said that he knows how to cry for his husband, his brothers.

The demanding nature of girls is increasing.,
Sonali further said that after the campus selection, her husband had to take up a job at the age of 20. While girls keep thinking what to do even till they are 25-27 years old… They keep putting pressure on their boyfriends. In the conversation, Sonali mentioned about marriage, even destination weddings. Sonali also said that not all women are like this, but this demanding nature of girls is increasing a lot. Said in her talk that girls should not only cook food… but should also take responsibility beyond that.

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