WHO lashed out at China on Covid 19, said- Why didn’t the Corona data be disclosed? WHO lashed out at China on Covid 19 said why did not disclose Coronavirus data

WHO lashed out at China on Covid 19 said why did not disclose Coronavirus data- India TV Hindi

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WHO slams China on Covid 19

WHO Accuses China: Corona virus has caused a lot of havoc all over the world. Millions of people died due to this virus and many people face many other problems now. In the year 2020, Kovid 19 had knocked. The first case of corona virus infection was reported from Wuhan city of China. Now the World Health Organization has lambasted China. According to The New York Times, the WHO reprimanded Chinese officials for stalling scientific research. The WHO said that by this we could know the factors causing the corona virus.

Corona started with raccoon

On March 17, the World Health Organization asked the Chinese authorities why the data had not been disclosed three years earlier. Earlier data would have disappeared into the internet space. The data is being downloaded and researched and analyzed by an international team of virus experts. The organization said that the investigation of this data showed that the corona epidemic started with illegal raccoon dogs. The infection was spread in Wuhan by this virus.

Virus matches with the DNA of this animal

WHO Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom said that the evidence that China disappeared three years ago should be shared with the international community. Because it is very important that the truth comes before the world. He said that research has shown that the reason behind the spread of the corona virus is the raccoon, a fox-like animal. Because the DNA of the virus is matching the DNA of the raccoon. The same virus was found in the Wuhan Seafood Market in China.

blame on china

Let us tell you that ever since the corona virus had spread all over the world, since then many countries of the world were continuously accusing China that this virus has been spread deliberately by China. It was even said by the then US President Donald Trump that this virus has been prepared in a Chinese lab so that it can wreak havoc in the world.

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