Delhi’s cheapest market, where everyone feels rich by visiting. Delhi cheapest market in delhi

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Cheapest market in delhi: Delhi is truly a city of big hearted people. Everyone can live freely in this city and can buy good things in less money. Yes, today we will tell you about 4 such markets in Delhi where you can buy a lot for 100 rupees. Be it clothes or household items, you can buy everything for less money and with a lot of options. So, let us know about the cheapest market in Delhi.

Delhi’s cheapest market – Delhi cheapest market in delhi

1. Sarojini-Sarojini nagar market for clothes

Sarojini market is most famous for clothes. Here you will find clothes at the cheapest prices. From jeans tops to western and Indian, you will find all kinds of clothes here. So, if you want to shop for clothes then you must visit Sarojini Market in Delhi.

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2. Chandni Chowk for wedding accessories

If you want to do wedding shopping, then you will find everything from bridal lehenga to turmeric and henna decorations here. Also, you can buy clothes and return gifts for your relatives from this market. So, if you have a wedding at home then you must buy everything from here.

3. Karol Bagh Market for sandals and makeup

Karol Bagh Market is great for sandals and makeup. You can buy sandals and makeup items from here. Also, if you want to buy jewellery, this market is best for you. You can buy matching jewelery for wedding here at lowest prices. Along with this, things of common days will also be available at cheap prices.


Image Source : DELHI TOURISM


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4. Janpath and Lajpat Market for home and decor items – Janpth and Lajpat Market

You can visit Janpath and Lajpat Market for home and decor items. You will find many types of things here that can be useful in the decoration of your home. So, if you are in Delhi or are coming to visit Delhi, then you must know about these markets here and must visit once.

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