Fan Speed ​​Impact on Electricity Bill Does high speed Fan consumes more electricity know truth. Does slowing down the fan use less electricity? Know here on which number the fan should be run

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Photo:File photo The power consumption depends on the speed of the fan.

Fan speed and electricity bill: The summer season has arrived and now fans, coolers and ACs are slowly starting to run. Although it is not so hot now that cooler and AC are needed, but the fan is now becoming necessary. Now you will keep the fan speed low due to low heat, but when the sun will be hot, then you will have to increase the fan speed to get relief from the heat. But there are some people who run the fan slow to avoid electricity bill, so today we are going to tell you about the relation between fan speed and electricity bill.

The amount of electricity a fan consumes depends on its speed. But do you know how much power is consumed by running the fan at number 2 or 3 and how much power will be consumed if the same fan is run at number 4 or 5. Let’s know about it…

Power consumption depends on the regulator

Let us tell you that at what speed the fan will consume electricity, it depends on its regulator. Depending on the regulator, it is determined whether the power consumption will be less or more. Some regulators in the market stop the power consumption while some control only the fan speed. Let us tell you that there are many fans in which such a regulator is installed, which controls the speed of the fan by reducing the voltage.

Let us tell you that the fans which have such a regulator which controls the speed by reducing the voltage, do not reduce the power consumption in any way. The regulator reduces the voltage so that your fan consumes less power but it does not save electricity. The regulator only acts as a resistor. So if you think that running the fan at number 2 or 3 will result in less electricity consumption, then it is not so at all. It will consume electricity equal to 5 number speed.

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