Rahul Gandhi was giving clarification on the statement made in London, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar interrupted

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Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Jairam Ramesh

New Delhi: In the meeting of the committee of the Ministry of External Affairs, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi gave clarification on the statement made in London. He said that my statement was not about any country or government. My statement was about a person. What was said regarding India’s democracy, this is India’s internal issue and we will resolve it. The Congress leader also said that he raised questions only on Indian democracy, for which he cannot be called anti-national.

Argument between Congress and BJP MPs

The Ministry of External Affairs had called a meeting of the Parliamentary Consultative Committee on Saturday. In this there was a discussion about the Presidency of India in the G-20. First Foreign Minister S Jaishankar also gave a presentation on this. During this meeting, Rahul Gandhi has given these statements. Rahul Gandhi said that he did not speak the way the ruling BJP was claiming. At the same time, Rahul Gandhi’s comments were opposed by BJP MPs saying that this is not an appropriate platform to speak on the subject.

During this, a heated debate also took place between Congress MPs and BJP MPs. The chairman of the committee, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, interrupted Rahul Gandhi and said that he should speak only on today’s topic. The External Affairs Minister also told him that he can say whatever he wants to say in Parliament.

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Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge and Rahul Gandhi

Can Rahul’s Lok Sabha membership go?
On the other hand, let us tell you that after what Rahul Gandhi said about Indian democracy during the UK tour, there was a lot of uproar in the country from the Parliament to the streets. The ruling BJP is gearing up to suspend Congress leader Rahul Gandhi from the Lok Sabha if he does not apologise. BJP has approached the Lok Sabha speaker for this. Efforts have also been started for this.

What did Rahul Gandhi say in London?
During the UK tour, Rahul Gandhi participated in a program of Cambridge University. In this program, he fiercely attacked the Modi government of India. Rahul Gandhi had talked about being under the control of institutions in India. Along with this, he also accused of spying on his phone. Rahul Gandhi referred to the attack on democratic institutions in India during his address at the Business School in Cambridge. He had said that his phone is spied on.

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In London, Rahul Gandhi had also accused of suppressing the voice of the opposition in India. Addressing the British MPs in the premises of the House of Parliament in London, he said that the microphones of the opposition leaders are switched off in the Parliament of India. He had told that many times when I keep my point in the Parliament, this has happened many times. Rahul Gandhi had said that the opposition is being suppressed in India. In this program, Rahul Gandhi had said that demonetisation was done in our country which was a disastrous financial decision. This issue was not discussed by the Government of India.

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