Sony Reon Pocket Ac 2 Feature Now wherever you go your AC will also be with you know about here. Now wherever you go, your AC will also be with you, know about Sony Reon Pocket 2 AC here

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Photo:SHOPMASK Beat the heat with this pocket AC

Sony Reon Pocket 2 AC: Summer has knocked in North India, the sound of which is being felt by everyone, because the temperature of the day has already started rising. On the other hand, we make every effort to get rid of the summer, in such a situation we take the help of AC, cooler, fan etc. On the other hand, if you go out in summer, you have to face the scorching sun. During this time you feel more heat but now you can get relief from the heat outside as well. Today we are going to tell about Sony Reon Pocket Ac 2, an invention full of such great features.

What’s special in Sony Reon Pocket Ac 2?

Sony Reon Pocket Ac 2 has been introduced by Sony under the crowdfunding project, let us tell you that it is such an AC that you can keep in your pocket and get rid of the heat better. At the same time, you can easily fit this AC in your clothes, because its size is smaller than a mobile.

Sony Reon Pocket Ac 2 Features

Talking about the features of Sony Reon Pocket Ac 2, a panel has been inbuilt to give cool air in it, as well as this pocket ac works through battery. Along with this, you can also control its temperature through a smartphone as it comes with Bluetooth connectivity. On the other hand, Sony has claimed about Sony Reon Pocket Ac 2 that this pocket AC is made from Peltier element, which cools down faster and heats up faster. In such a situation, it will save you from getting hot in summer and will also keep you warm in winter.

Sony Reon Pocket Ac 2 Price

Sony Reon Pocket Ac 2 is full of features, so its price is also not very high. Where its price is 14,850 yen i.e. 10,300 according to Indian currency.

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