voter cards will be made automatically after citizen turns 18 central government to present bill in parliament

A new bill is going to be presented in Parliament regarding voter card - India TV Hindi

A new bill is going to be presented in the parliament regarding the voter card.

The Modi government is now going to present such a bill in the Parliament, under which any citizen of the country will be automatically added to the voter list as soon as he turns 18. Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday said the government is planning to bring a bill in Parliament to link birth and death data with voter lists and the overall development process. Inaugurating ‘Janganana Bhavan’, the office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India, Shah said census is a process that can form the basis of the development agenda.

Name will be added to voter list as soon as he turns 18

During this, Amit Shah said that digital, complete and accurate census data will have multifarious benefits. He said that planning based on census data would ensure that development reaches the poorest of the poor. Shah also said that proper planning of development works can be done if the data of birth and death certificates is preserved in a special way. He said, “A bill will be introduced in Parliament to link the death and birth register with the voter list. Under this process, when a person turns 18, his/her name will automatically be included in the voter list. Similarly, when a person dies, that information will automatically go to the Election Commission, which will initiate the process of deleting the name from the voter list.

Benefits will be available in facilities like driving license and passport
Officials said the Bill to amend the Registration of Births and Deaths Act (RBD), 1969, would also facilitate matters related to issue of driving licenses and passports and extending benefits of government welfare schemes to people, etc. Shah said, “If the data of birth and death certificates is preserved in a special way, planning of development works can be done properly by estimating the time between the census.” The process was completed in pieces as sufficient data was not available for development. Shah said that after 70 years of independence, plans were adopted to provide electricity to every village, to provide houses to all, to provide tap water to all, to provide health care to all, to make toilets in every house.

Lack of data becomes a hindrance in development
The Home Minister said, “It took so long because no one had an idea of ​​how much money would be needed to meet these basic needs, because the usefulness of the census was not visualized, the data related to the census was not accurate.” There was no online access to the available data and there was no coordination with the census and planning officials. “He said,” I have been associated with the development process for the last 28 years and have seen that development in our country has been demand driven. People’s representatives who held sway could reap more benefits of development for their constituencies. This is one of the reasons why our development has been piecemeal and more costly due to duplication.

Web portal started for registration of birth and death
Along with the new Jananna Bhawan, the minister also inaugurated a web portal for registration of births and deaths. A repository of census reports, an online portal for sale of census reports and an upgraded version of the SRS mobile app with geofencing facility were also launched. Shah said the mobile app equipped with geofencing would ensure that the officials know that the enumerators enter the data by visiting the section assigned to them and no one can make fake entries without visiting the section. It will ensure that the data entered is accurate, he added.

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