Curd rice recipe and benefits of eating it. Curd Rice Recipe benefits in Hindi

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Curd Rice: Curd rice means curd and rice, even if you think it is a South Indian dish, but anyone can eat it. Eating this dish in summer is even better for your health. Actually, curd is rich in vitamin C and probiotic and rice has a good amount of starch. But, stale rice is used in curd rice, due to which it also becomes probiotic and is beneficial for your health. So, let’s know their recipe and benefits.

Curd Rice Recipe

To make Curd Rice, first soak the rice overnight. Then mix it in curd in the morning. After this apply tempering of red chillies, curry leaves and mustard seeds. Add some coriander leaves or salt on top and then eat this rice.

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Benefits of eating Curd Rice- Curd Rice benefits in hindi

1. Rich in Probiotic

Curd rice is rich in probiotics and is very beneficial for the stomach. This rice keeps your gut bacteria healthy and helps in increasing the functioning of the digestive system. This also boosts metabolism and makes you feel better.


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2. Cooling

Curd rice acts as a cooling agent in the stomach. Eating this protects you from stomach irritation and indigestion in summer. Along with this, it is also beneficial for those who lose weight, which accelerates weight loss by boosting energy.

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3. Beneficial in acidity and bloating

Eating curd rice is beneficial for people with acidity and bloating problems. It is digested quickly and comfortably and prevents excess production of acidic bile juice. This does not cause the problem of acidity and bloating. So, for all these reasons you should have curd rice.

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