live in relation love affair and brutal murder in hyderabad reveal after recover head of woman. A heart-wrenching incident came to the fore in Hyderabad, knowing such news, you will get goosebumps…

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shocking incident in hyderabad

A heart-wrenching incident like the Shraddha murder case of Delhi has also come to the fore in Hyderabad. Here too, a man killed his live-in partner just like Aftab Poonawala and kept her body in a fridge after cutting it into pieces with a stone cutting machine. Then, taking out those pieces of the body from the fridge, he used to throw them at different places. The accused had killed the victim by chopping off her legs and hands and kept them in a refrigerator in his house and used to spray perfume on her to avoid foul smell.

The incident came to light after the Hyderabad Police found a severed head near Musi river in the city on May 17. After solving this mystery, this shocking crime has come to light on Thursday.

Woman’s severed head was found on the banks of the river

DCP South East Zone, CH Rupesh said that we had received information about a woman’s severed head being found near Musi river. After a week’s investigation, we got a clue based on which we arrested the accused (Chandra Mohan). The matter is of money transaction. The woman, who was separated from her husband a long time ago, was living with Chandra Mohan at his house in Chaitanyapuri Colony, Dilsukhnagar. Accused Chandra Mohan was living in live in relation for 15 years.

brutally murdered for money

The accused took around Rs 7 lakh from the deceased since 2018 and did not return it. Chandra Mohan did not return the money even after repeated demands, after which Mohan quarreled with the deceased in the afternoon of May 12 as per the plan. He stabbed her in the chest and abdomen, killing her. After committing the murder, the accused bought two small stone cutting machines to cut the dead body into pieces and dispose of it.

He cut off the head from the torso and kept it in a black polythene cover. He then severed the legs and arms from the torso, placed the legs and arms in a refrigerator, and placed the torso in a suitcase for disposal. The accused accepted his crime. Police recovered the body parts of the victim from her house and sent them for postmortem.

On May 15, the accused reached Musi river in an autorickshaw and threw Anuradha’s severed head there. Thereafter, the accused procured phenyl, dettol, perfume agarbatti and camphor and sprinkled them regularly on the severed body parts of Anuradha, so that the stench would not spread in the surrounding area. She had also seen videos on social media on how to dispose of body parts.

Police arrested the accused

Police unmarried B, who was doing online trading in the stock market. Succeeded in arresting Chandra Mohan. According to the police, he kept sending messages from the mobile phone of the deceased to make people who knew her believe that she was alive and living elsewhere. On May 17, sanitation workers found the severed head of a woman at a garbage dump in front of Afzal Nagar Community Hall near Musi river, which was reported to the police.

Malakpet police registered a case and formed eight teams to crack the case. After a thorough investigation involving scanning of CCTV footage and use of other technical equipment, the police identified the accused.

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