Moon Mars Venus will make tonight special to you a rarest rare scene in the sky how to watch. Moon, Mars and Venus will make tonight special, a rare sight will be seen in the sky – know how you will be able to see

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tonight is going to be special

Tonight is going to be a special night. A rare combination will be seen in the sky today, in which three celestial bodies will appear together in the sky above the Earth. Moon, Mars and Venus, these three planets together will form a rare alignment in the sky today, seeing which you will say – what is the matter. Although these three planets will not be in a straight line. Generally, the moon is visible in the evening. This astronomical event will happen on the night of 24th May where these three planets will form a triangle. You can also get a closer look at the craters on the moon tonight; It will be quite a sight.

In addition, people can also see deep sky objects such as the O’Ryan Nebula, Pleiades Cluster and other stars with the naked eye.

After this, on June 4, Venus will pass in the east from which it will reach its maximum height; Meaning you can see Venus very clearly in the evening sky on this day and it will gradually move closer to the Sun the next day. ,

What is planetary combination?


This occurs when two or more planets in our solar system appear to be close to each other as seen from Earth. Although the planets are not physically close to each other in space, their positions in their respective orbits create the illusion of closeness when viewed from Earth. As the planets move in their orbits at different speeds, their positions change over time as seen from Earth. During a conjunction, the two planets come together in such a way that their positions in their respective orbits appear closer together as seen from Earth.

When will the combination appear?

Venus is best seen just after sunset and will appear fairly clear and bright due to the dim sunlight in the background. This planet will shine next to the Moon. The best time to witness this amazing spectacle of planets would be after 7:00 pm when the sun sets. Mars will also rise at the same time, directly above Venus, and can be seen with the naked eye given sky conditions and clear weather.

The Moon is currently in the waxing crescent phase, which is when the Moon becomes visible again after the new moon. During this time, the illuminated portion of the Moon increases from 0.1 percent to 49.9 percent. You will see this wonderful sight tonight.

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