Rajat Sharma’s Blog Today the world looks at India with respect because of Modi. Rajat Sharma’s Blog | Today the world looks at India with respect because of Modi.

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The power of New India was visible in Australia.. The Prime Minister of Australia said in front of 30,000 people in the stadium, Modi is the boss. In Sydney’s Kudos Bank Arena, the program was of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interaction with the Indians settled in Australia, but in this program the entire Government of Australia, leaders of opposition and leaders of other parties also reached. Here, the Prime Minister of Australia saw the atmosphere, the enthusiasm of the people, the enthusiasm of the people towards Modi, he was also surprised. But Modi neither talked about politics nor criticized anyone., Only India And talked about Indians.

Modi told why the world is saluting India these days, what is the mantra of his government, what are the works of his government and what is its effect? It is important to listen and see what Modi said today in this program because it shows why Modi is now called world leader, why people have so much faith in Modi.. When Modi became Prime Minister in 2014, So many people used to ask that how will he run the foreign policy? How will they make relations with the leaders of big countries? Today those people should see and hear how the Prime Minister of Australia called Modi the boss, only in the last four days we saw, US President Biden came looking for Modi and hugged him. The President of America said that the popularity of Modi is so much that it seems that he too will have to take Modi’s autograph.

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea touched Modi’s feet, this is not a small thing.. In the last nine years, in whatever country Modi went, he made relations with the leaders there and raised the prestige of India. There is no doubt that after Modi became the Prime Minister, the perception of people all over the world towards India has changed. Whenever I talk to Indian people living abroad, they say that they feel this change everyday in their lives, whether it is America, Europe or African countries, everywhere India, Indian and Indianness. Respect is visible and a lot of credit must go to Narendra Modi for this.

Modi worked very hard to gain prestige for the country, put a lot of mind, took care of small things… took big decisions, and this work was not easy. Today, if any country can talk to both Ukraine and Russia eye to eye, then it is India. In times of trouble, any country in the world expects help from another country, then it is India. First of all protects its citizens trapped in any corner of the world, then it is India. If the example of any country is given for progress, for increasing influence, then it is India. This identity of India was created during the tenure of Narendra Modi. That’s why today Narendra Modi is considered a world leader and this respect is not limited to pictures and speeches only. It benefits the whole country in business, in tourism, in investment. When the leader of a country becomes big, then his respect in the world increases, it benefits the overall development of the country. The interesting thing is that the whole world is welcoming Narendra Modi…but all the opposition parties in our country are together trying to find the formula to defeat Modi, to remove Modi..

Why Congress will not support Aam Aadmi Party

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal met West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in Kolkata on Tuesday and sought her support on the issue of opposition to the Ordinance on Delhi. Mamta Banerjee said that now the time has come that all the opposition parties will have to face Modi together..because Modi is a threat to democracy. Kejriwal wants all the opposition parties to oppose the ordinance issued by the Modi government against the Supreme Court to return the old powers to the LG of Delhi. In this connection, Kejriwal had come to meet Mamta Banerjee with Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, Delhi Minister Atishi, Aam Aadmi Party MPs Sanjay Singh and Raghav Chadha. But on the other hand the leaders of Delhi Congress have started saying openly that Congress should not support Kejriwal on any issue at any cost.

Former Delhi Congress President Ajay Maken said that the Supreme Court order Kejriwal is talking about overturning, the same Supreme Court has clearly said in its judgment that the Parliament has every right to give any power to the LG. Therefore, the central government did not do any wrong by issuing the ordinance. Kejriwal is giving it a political color only in the desire to command the officers, calling it a people’s fight, this is not right. Sandeep Dixit, another Congress leader, said Ajay Maken that Kejriwal always tried to harm the Congress, made false allegations against the Congress. So unless Kejriwal publicly admits that he is a liar..he lied for the greed of power, don’t even think of supporting Kejriwal. Ajay Maken is a big leader of Delhi Congress, so the Congress high command cannot ignore his protest.

Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal has said that Congress has not taken any decision yet, Congress will first talk to Delhi unit, then take a decision. Big leaders of Punjab Congress Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa and Pratap Singh Bajwa have also said that Aam Aadmi Party is BJP’s B-Team, opposition parties should be careful with Kejriwal, he can cheat anytime. The concern of Congress leaders is justified..because Kejriwal made his land in those states only where Congress was strong. Kejriwal’s party formed the government in Delhi and Punjab. And Congress became the third party. Similarly, in Gujarat, Uttarakhand and Goa, where the Congress had a direct contest with the BJP, Kejriwal fought the elections with full force and the Congress lost.

Now elections are to be held in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, Haryana has elections next year, BJP and Congress are face to face in all these states. Kejriwal announced that his party would contest elections in these states as well. That’s why the Congress leaders are saying that when Kejriwal is working on the strategy of harming the Congress in the Assembly elections, then how can Kejriwal expect to be with the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections. This is just a party’s fight.. When it comes to seat distribution, the opposition unity in other states will remain intact. This is starting to be seen in Maharashtra… there the scramble for seats has started.. ,Rajat Sharma,

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