Mango Shake Recipe: Learn what to put in Mango Shake and its benefits. pudina makhana mango shake recipe

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Mango shake recipe: Who does not like to drink mangoshake in summer. Not only does energy come after drinking it, but the mind also becomes happy. This is a type of desi drink which we have given a foreign name by calling it Shake. Mangoshake is usually mixed with milk, but today we will make it with curd. Also will add some special things to it. So, let’s know its recipe and benefits of eating it.

This method of making Mango Shake is unique – Pudina makhana mango shake recipe

To make this Mango Shake, you need curd, makhana, sugar and mangoes. So, beat the curd first and add mango pulp to it and mix it in a mixer. Now soak the makhana in water first and mix it with water. Add mint leaves, sugar, black salt and salt on top. Enjoy this drink by mixing it all.

Benefits of drinking Pudina Makhana Mango Shake

1. Rich in fiber and roughage

Pudina Makhana Mango Shake is actually rich in fiber and roughage. This will increase your metabolic rate and speed up the digestion process. This mangoshake will clean the stomach as well as it is also helpful in weight loss. So, definitely drink this shake for healthy digestion.


Image Source : FREEPIK


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2. This mangoshake is probiotic

This mangoshake is actually full of probiotics and can work in many ways for health. Actually, it contains curd which is probiotic and promotes gut bacteria. This probiotic also cools the stomach and prevents many summer problems.

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3. Helpful in restoring hydration

Consuming mangoshake is helpful in many ways in restoring hydration. It brings freshness to your body and helps in making all the organs healthy. In this way, it not only removes the burning sensation of the feet, but also prevents many skin problems.

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