The maid urinated in the bucket and wiped it with it, police arrested

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maid urinated in bucket

Greater Noida: Nowadays, the trend of keeping maids etc. for cleaning etc. in homes has increased a lot. Maids come to the house and leave after doing their work well. If they take a single day off, it looks more like a garbage dump than a house. Even though we meds keep complaining that she doesn’t do this, she doesn’t. But when she goes on a vacation for a few days, we realize how much work she does. In short, it is impossible to even think of living in metros without meds. There is hardly any house in Delhi-NCR where medicines are not available.

urinated in the mop bucket

If we say in short words, then a relationship is formed between meds and us. This relationship is of trust. We give them the keys of our houses. She comes in our absence and goes away after doing her work very honestly. But sometimes something happens that it becomes difficult to rely on meds. Something similar happened in the flat of Ajnara Homes Society located in Bisrakh police station area of ​​Greater Noida. The maid working here urinated in the bucket before mopping and mopped the whole house with the water kept in the same bucket. But while doing this, she may have forgotten that there is a CCTV camera installed in the house and this act of hers will be captured in it.

The accused woman is a resident of West Bengal

In relation to the said case, it came to notice through social media that objectionable work was being done by a woman working as a maid in the flat of Ajnara Homes Society under Bisrakh police station, while mopping, when the matter was investigated, it was found That Savera Khatoon resident of Village Iteda, Thana Bisrakh, Gautam Budh Nagar native Dadhikotwari, District North Dinajpur, West Bengal who works as a maid at Ajnara Home Society, at the place of the applicant, on 24 May 2023, while cleaning the house, was attacked by the accused woman. The incident was done. On the basis of the Tahrir given by the applicant, legal action is being taken by arresting the accused Savera Khatoon as per the rules by registering charges under the relevant sections at Police Station Bisrakh.

Report- Rahul Thakur

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