“The water of the Black Sea became a poisonous executioner” of fear, the death of all the urchins

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Black Sea

Black Sea….on hearing whose name a wave of fear runs in the hearts of the people. That Black Sea whose fierce roars make the heart tremble, now the water of that Black Sea has become a poisonous executioner. This toxic poison of the Black Sea has created a stir in the whole world by putting all the urchins present in the sea to sleep. What happened all of a sudden that there was an orgy of deaths in the Black Sea… this is the question in everyone’s mind. Let us tell you that recently, researchers from Israel’s Tel Aviv University have found that within a few months, a deadly epidemic rose from the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea and reached the Black Sea, which killed the entire Black Sea aquatic population. .

The situation is unprecedented in the entire documented history of the Gulf, whose shores include Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, researchers said Wednesday, foreign media reported. The disappearance of urchins from the Black Sea increases the risk of destruction of the coral reefs of the bay. Because urchins feed on algae and prevent them from taking over and suffocating corals that compete with them for sunlight.

Orgy of deaths can also be seen in Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea

The researchers predict that entire populations of these sea urchins in the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea will soon become ill and die as well, as widespread mortality has already been observed off the coasts of Greece and Turkey. The research team immediately sent a report to the Israel Nature and Parks Authority describing the situation, calling for a broodstock black sea urchin population to be established, so that they could be returned to nature if necessary. Researchers believe that the source of the deadly epidemic is a pathogenic ciliated parasite that has spread from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. This is what caused the death of urchins in the Black Sea. Scientists around the world are surprised by the death of urchins.

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