Uttar Pradesh towards becoming a hub of good organic farming for health, number of farmers increased 10 times in the state. Uttar Pradesh towards becoming a hub of good organic farming for health, 10th in the state

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chemical fertilizers in crops The indiscriminate use of has given rise to many health problems. Eating grains containing fertilizers has given rise to many health problems in people. Keeping this in view, the farmers of Uttar Pradesh have once again turned towards organic farming. In the last six years, the number of farmers doing organic farming has increased tenfold. Statistics are showing that on an average it is increasing almost twice every year. According to the data received from the government, the number of farmers doing organic farming in the year 2015-2016 in Uttar Pradesh state was 28,750. In 2022-2023 it increased to 2,89,687.

The possibility of organic farming increased rapidly

In view of the International Millet Year, the way the government is emphasizing on organic farming of coarse grains, the possibility of this type of farming increases further. Because the major crops of coarse grains like Sawan, Kodo, Madua/Ragi, Tangun and Bajra etc. have traditionally been grown in a natural way. Minimum water, fertilizers, growing even in adverse weather, being resistant to diseases and pests have been their specialty. In such a situation, with the help of a little technology, their organic and natural farming has more potential than conventional crops.

Uttar Pradesh can become a hub

If experts are to be believed, Uttar Pradesh can become India’s hub in terms of organic farming. There is also a great possibility of this. For example, the Indo-Gangetic belt, which is counted among the most fertile land in the world, most of it comes in Uttar Pradesh only. Uttar Pradesh has been able to do this because of rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Saryu flowing throughout the year and nine types of agro climate zones suitable for all types of farming. Continuous efforts are also going on in this regard. The state government is going to start the work of organic farming in an area of ​​more than 110000 hectares in 70 districts of the state with the objective of providing maximum benefits to the farmers. Knowing that Uttar Pradesh already has ample infrastructure facilities for organic farming. The government is also continuously expanding these facilities. For example, the National Center for Organic Farming (NCOF), the headquarters of organic farming, is located in Ghaziabad. The country’s largest organic production company is from Uttar Pradesh only. Here traditional farming is still done in a large part of the state. To make Ganga pollution free, it further increases the possibilities of organic farming on its banks.

Promotion of organic farming within 10 km radius

Farming expert Girish Pandey said that according to the target set for promotion of organic farming in Yogi-2.0, organic farming will be promoted within a radius of 10 kilometers in all the districts along the banks of Ganga. Cow based organic farming will be promoted in all the districts of Bundelkhand. This will help in solving the problem of destitute cattle in this entire region. Organic farming will be expanded in every block of the state. With the intention of establishing separate brands of such products, separate space has been earmarked for organic outlets in each mandi.

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