south korea When the flight door opened in the sky, know what happened then

When the flight door opened in the sky, know what happened then? - India TV Hindi

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When the flight door opened in the sky, know what happened then?

South Korea: A strange news has come in Daegu city of South Korea. Before landing in the South Korean city of Daegu, the door of an Asiana Airlines flight suddenly opened while flying in the sky. It is being told that a passenger had opened the exit gate. However, untoward incident was averted and the pilot landed the flight safely at the airport.

We can only imagine that the plane is flying at the height of thousands of feet in the sky and suddenly a passenger opens the exit gate, then imagine what will happen. One such incident happened in South Korea. Before landing in Daegu city of South Korea, the door of a plane was suddenly opened by a passenger. Due to this, air started entering inside the cabin at a very high speed. Due to sudden filling of air, a situation of commotion was created. Although talks took place between the airlines and government officials. This incident is becoming quite viral on social media.

194 passengers were on board the flight

Some passengers on the Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 flight attempted to stop the passenger from opening the door, but it opened slightly and air began to fill in, according to South Korea’s transport ministry. According to Asiana Airlines, the flight was carrying 194 passengers from South Korea’s southeastern city of Daegu to the southern island of Jeju. It is being investigated that for how long this door remained open?

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