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We use cumin powder in our daily food. Digestion is perfect by consuming it. We can consume cumin in two ways – whole and powder. You can easily make cumin powder at your homes. For this, roast a little cumin on a griddle and grind it. We can eat it mixed with curd. Also, we can drink it by mixing it in hot water. We can consume it everyday. It is very beneficial for digestion. Let us know its many benefits.

Consume cumin powder in these 3 ways-

1. For weight loss

You can use cumin in weight loss. Mix it with lemon juice in warm water. It reduces fat and helps in weight loss. It should be consumed regularly.

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2. In stomach pain

When you have a stomach ache problem, mix cumin powder in hot water at that time or take roasted cumin seeds. It is very beneficial for stomach pain. This gives relief from problems related to the stomach.

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3. Indigestion

Cumin is very beneficial for the problem of indigestion. Whenever there is a problem with this, mix cumin powder in warm water and drink it. This will give relief from the problem of indigestion. You can consume it even after eating daily.


Image Source : FREEPIK


How is cumin powder beneficial

1. Beneficial in the problem of flatulence

The problem of flatulence often occurs. People fall prey to it after eating food. There are also reasons for flatulence. In this case, mix cumin powder in buttermilk and drink it. This gives relief from the problem of flatulence. Cumin is very beneficial for our stomach problem.

2. Effective in indigestion

The problem of indigestion often happens to people. This happens because when you eat oil-spiced food and then later that food is not digested, due to which there is a problem of indigestion. In such a situation, mix cumin powder in hot water and drink it or eat roasted cumin. This gives quick relief in the problem of indigestion. By doing this, your food also gets digested quickly. It is not harmful, you can consume it regularly.

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