Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today, September 16, 2023 predicts travelling on cards | Astrology

Aquarius – 20th January to 18th February

Daily Horoscope Prediction says, Do not let your confidence go down

Resolve issues in the love life with sincerity today. Professional challenges will not impact the productivity today. Minor money issues will be there.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope, September 16, 2023: Resolve issues in the love life with sincerity today.
Aquarius Daily Horoscope, September 16, 2023: Resolve issues in the love life with sincerity today.

Handle every issue in the relationship for a better future. A matured attitude will help you resolve things. Professional success will be your companion. However, some financial disputes will exist today. Health is good throughout the day.

Aquarius Love Horoscope Today

Today, the love life will be robust and will see the relationship taking new turns. You need to be liberal in terms of romance and not impose your thoughts on your lover. Give personal space to the partner which otherwise will make the relationship toxic and suffocating. Today is good to settle the old disputes. Some relationships will end today while fortunate Aquarius natives will also find someone special in the first half of the day.

Aquarius Career Horoscope Today

Office politics is not your cup of tea and always pay attention to the assigned tasks. Some marketing and sales persons will succeed in making new clients while foreign clients may not show interest in your projects. Travel is also on the cards, especially for the people working in the travel and tourism industry. Businessmen can consider expanding their business or starting new partnerships. However, always keep your eyes open. Those who want a job chance can put down the paper today, especially in the morning.

Aquarius Money Horoscope Today

Be planned when it comes to financial affairs. Some minor money-related troubles will be there in the first half of the day but things will be back on track as the day progresses. Utilize the wealth smartly and avoid spending on luxury today. You should not lend a big amount to a sibling or friend as there will issues in getting it back. Fortunately, some long pending dues will be cleared by the second half of the day.

Aquarius Health Horoscope Today

Though the general health will be good today, you may have a viral fever, oral health issues, and pain in joints and elbow. Infection in the eyes may also be a concern while children with asthma or viral fever may have a disturbed day.

Aquarius Sign Attributes

  • Strength: Tolerant, Ideal, Friendly, Charitable, Independent, Logical
  • Weakness: Disobedient, Liberalistic, Rebel
  • Symbol: Water carrier
  • Element: Air
  • Body Part: Ankles & Legs
  • Sign Ruler: Uranus
  • Lucky Day: Saturday
  • Lucky Color: Navy Blue
  • Lucky Number: 22
  • Lucky Stone: Blue Sapphire

Aquarius Sign Compatibility Chart

  • Natural affinity: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
  • Good compatibility: Leo, Aquarius
  • Fair compatibility: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
  • Less compatibility: Taurus, Scorpio

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