Mission Raniganj To Maharani Season 2, Celebs Pour In Their Love For Dibyendu Bhattacharya

New Delhi: On the occasion of Dibyendu Bhattacharya’s birthday, heartfelt messages poured in from his colleagues and friends in the film industry. Abhay Pannu, Tinu Desai, and Vishal, along with Subhash Kapoor, expressed their admiration for the actor’s exceptional talent and warm-hearted nature.

“Debuda is one of the nicest humans I have ever worked with and also been friends with. I have been his fan since Dev D and had the honor of working with him in Criminal Justice. It’s amazing how he plays such hardened and dark characters in spite of him being so sweet. He makes the most amazing vegetarian dishes for me whenever he invites me over. He has a wall of masks at his house but he himself is the most honest and unmasked person I have the pleasure of knowing,” shared Vishal, who has directed him in the hit series, ‘Criminal Justice.’ 

Subhash Kapoor, the creator of ‘Maharani 2,’ added, “Debu, very rare actors in the industry can emote complicated situations with so much ease, you are one of them. We have worked thrice together and each time it has been a pleasure. I enjoy working with you, travelling with you, singing with you and lot more! You are truly a gem!”

Abhay Pannu, who has directed the two seasons of the much acclaimed series, ‘Rockey boys,’ further added, “Working with you is any director’s dream. I remember being behind the monitor and marvelling at every shot you give. It’s an experience. You’re a rare gem of Indian cinema. Your talent, humility, and commitment to the craft is deeply inspiring. So excited to see what you’re doing next! Hope you keep giving me the privilege to work with you.”

Tinu Suresh Desai, who has directed Dibyendu in the recently released ‘Mission Raniganj,’and his wife Bhavna added, “Dibyendu is a class actor, honest, humble human, a good friend. I am glad when we worked together in our film Mission Raniganj, I earned a friend for life in him. Happy Birthday our dhramendru’ (he knows why). May luck , and good scripts follow you wherever you go. Smiles fill your path, each time you walk. We love you and wish you the best.”

As Dibyendu embarks on another year, the well-wishes and admiration from his colleagues undoubtedly set the tone for a blockbuster chapter ahead in his illustrious career. 


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