Bigg Boss 17: UK07 Rider Aka Anurag Dhobal To Exit The Show?

New Delhi: Every contestant on Salman Khan’s reality show goes through tremendous roller coaster experiences. Others find it difficult to survive in the Bigg Boss house when one is flying high with their plan. Due to the reality show’s shifting dynamics over time, a number of contestants chose to leave on their own volition.

The competitor, who went by the affectionate nickname Babu Bhaiya, dug a grave for himself following a furious altercation with Arun Mahshetty. Everything began when Abhishek Kumar disclosed that Mahshetty had called him prior to Dobhal and Mahshetty’s appearance on the reality show.

Anurag Dobhal Gets Violent 

The duo got into a physical fight in the latest episode wherein Dobhal was seen grabbing Mahshetty’s collar. The gamer alleged that he saw Dobhal entering a hotel with a different person in the evening and exiting with another in the morning.

The argument got dirty and Anurag Dobhal ended up breaking a cup. Later, the two were seen pushing each other, while other contestants tried to stop them from doing the same. Anurag then lost his calm and broke kitchen equipment. Bigg Boss wasn’t quite happy with them and punished the Dum room members for the same. Then intervened Bigg Boss asked the inmates to gather in the hall area and punished him for destroying Bigg Boss’ property. The makers nominated him for the entire season. The new promo then showed Anurag Dobhal demanding to exit the show.

In the upcoming episode, Bigg Boss asks him, “Are you sure about leaving the house?” Anurag responds by saying that, if things continue to go like this then he won’t be able to survive in the house. He wants to make a voluntary exit from the show. He is very sure about it. 

Bigg Boss made an announcement saying he will close the kitchen on Diwali and the contestants can figure out how they are going to manage their lunch and dinner. He said, “Because of the violence and aggression in the house, I am going to close the kitchen for the Dum room members, Happy Diwali everyone.”

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