Bigg Boss 17: Aishwarya Sharma Claims That Neil Bhatt Is Back In The Game – What Does She Mean?

New Delhi: In a hilarious turn of events, the recent show witnessed a lively yet fun brawl between Aishwarya Sharma – Neil Bhatt and Khanzaadi. It all started with the issue that talked about overlapping duties, leading to a comic verbal exchange. Actor Neil Bhatt has been often  given this feedback that he needs to amp up his participation in the game. 

Known to be extremely quarrelsome, Khanzaadi got into a bitter scuffle with Neil Bhatt. However. their banter was filled with playful jabs about each other’s need for healing and tone policing. This not only left Isha Malviya in splits but his wife Aishwarya was seen having fun as well.  Amid this chaos, Aishwarya couldn’t resist joining in on the fun, declaring, “My husband is back, Bigg Boss!”

The recent episode of ‘Bigg Boss 17’ came with its ever-interesting nomination task that celebrated autumn where the contestants were expected to sit under a makeshift tree adorned with leaves that glorified the names of contestants written on them. The master of the house summoned each contestant to sit under the tree while the one of the leaves had lit up. The seated one decided the fate of the one written on the leaf. The former must choose if the latter should be nominated or not. This one-of-a-kind autumn promises to shake up alliances and test the bonds formed within the house. While Anurag has been nominated already for the season, Jigna recieved the heat from the residents this season. 

In an unexpected twist, Navid Sole was evicted from the house recently. Talking about his eviction, Navid said, “I am truly grateful for the opportunity of being part of India’s biggest reality show, BIGG BOSS. While it saddens me to bid farewell, reflecting on this journey brings me immense joy. I shared a great bond with a few contestants in the house. They have always supported me in overcoming the language barrier. Though my time in the house was short, it was filled with beautiful moments and memories that I will always treasure. Being able to represent my country on this incredible platform is a matter of pride for me.”

“I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to BIGG BOSS for not just giving me recognition but also for teaching me valuable lessons. My best wishes to all the contestants of the show, and you never know I may be back as a wild card!” he said.


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