Happy Valentines Day: Crash Landing On You To Love To Hate You, Celebrate Love With These Romantic K-Dramas

New Delhi: Valentine’s Day is here and we are ready with your ultimate romantic binge-list. K-Dramas are known for their beautiful love stories with amazing plot twists and we have listed the 5 best ones to celebrate the day of love. 

Crash Landing On You

Imagine a freak accident that lands you in so-called enemy territory and straight into the arms of a good-looking knight in shining armour! Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) the super-successful CEO of Se Ri’s Choice, is blown away by North Korea while promoting one of her brands. She is rescued by the handsome Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk (Hyun Bin) an army officer. Well aware if she is reported to the authorities, it would be a full-blown crisis. Captain Ri along with his unit protects her, and gets her home, along the way the two realise they have fallen hopelessly in love.

“Crash Landing On You” came with several heart-melting moments. The lead couple Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin endeared with their chemistry and the love so real, that it was not long before the reel turned into real. The two got married and are now parents to a baby boy, making us all believe and fall in love all over again.

Where To Watch: Netflix 

A Business Proposal

An instant mood lifter. “A Business Proposal” hits the sweet spot as it brings in all the classic romance tropes possible in this steamy office. Shin Ha Ri (Kim Sejeong) a food researcher, helps her heiress bestie Young Seo (Seol In Ha) by stepping in as a blind date on her behalf. The date in question is Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyeo Seop) the handsome CEO of Go Foods, who has no time for love, dating, and even marriage. However, to bide time and ward off his grandfather’s constant demands to get married, Tae Moo asks Ha Ri to enter into a contractual relationship. But the inevitable happens and some serious sparks fly. By the time Tae Moo discovers Ha Ri’s identity, he is truly and madly in love with her. In the meantime, Young Seo finds love in Tae Moo’s bestie Sung Hoo( Kim Min Kyu.) Watch the show for the sizzling chemistry between the couples.

Where To Watch: Netflix

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Lee Young Joon( Park Seo Joon) is as handsome as he is pompous. The heir to a fortune, his world falls apart when his super-efficient Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) quits. Initially not bothered,  since he hates being dependent on anyone, he persuades her to stay. Soon he finds himself head over heels in love with Mi So, the favourite K-drama trope of childhood connection makes it’s way as well and we get a heady love story with lots of laughs.

Where To Watch: Netflix

Love To Hate You

Nam Kang Ho (Yoo Tae Oh) is the ultimate romantic fantasy on screens. But, in real life, this king of romance is suspicious of women after his ex-girlfriend betrayed him… But things change when he meets a badass man-hating lawyer named Yeo Mi Ran (Kim Ok Bun) Mi Ran is the opposite, she loves to leave the men she is in a relationship with. She enters into a contractual relationship with Kang Ho to squash rumours related to his personal life, and what starts as hate, at first sight, develops into an intense romance. The two are a volatile combination, but can they survive the scandals?

Where To Watch: Netflix 

Something In The Rain

Ji Ah (Son Ye Jin) is single despite having a  thriving career. Though she has a boyfriend the relationship is more or less defunct. In walks Joon Hee (Jung Hae In) her best friend’s younger brother whom she has known as a kid and is now a grown-up dashing young man. Joon Hee makes it apparent that he is attracted and drawn toward Ji Ah. The two fall in love, but what follows are several issues such as their age gap, their families who oppose their union, and their egos which come in between their happily ever after. 

Where To Watch: Netflix 


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