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Propose Day ideas: If we had to choose one positive of the pandemic, it would be all the uninterrupted quality time we enjoyed with our partner at home. An indoor proposal can be just as romantic, special, and enjoyable as one that is arranged outside.

We all remember, when Monica from the popular sitcom ‘Friends’ went down on one knee and proposed to Chandler sobbing. The room was bright with candles all over and flowers placed perfectly around their apartment.

Now, who would say no to such a proposal? And that with Valentine’s Day around the corner, if you are planning to express your feelings to that special someone, here are 10 at-home proposal idea with the right home decor because what’s more romantic than a bottle of champagne, pizza and comfy sweatpants? Read on,

1. Say it with flowers

Every girl’s fantasy proposal comprises waking up to a sizable box of lovely flowers, macaroons, and an engagement ring. Make it happen by surprising her with her favourite bouquet of flowers, giving her a romantic speech, and then waiting for her to exclaim “YES!” at the conclusion.

2. Create a cosy corner

This quiet, romantic at-home proposal idea is the ideal way to propose to someone for couples who adore a slow, intimate evening. Light a candle walkway leading up to the arena and spread a comfortable blanket and a few tossed pillows there. Prepare a speech for her, sit her down, and deliver it. Include the magic words and mention how grateful you are to have her in your life.

3. Candle & roses pathway

Few things are more romantic than walking along a charming trail made of rose petals and candles while being fascinated by the wonder of where it goes. In this instance, it might signal the beginning of your happily ever after. You can build a trail from your front entrance to the location of your proposal.

4. Outside your home, in the garden

Due to their abundant native flora and animals, gardens are typically considered to be the best feature of houses. Particularly if your partner appreciates natural beauty, you might make use of them in your proposal. You can schedule the moment for sunrise or sunset, or you can wait until nightfall and deck the area out with candles, lanterns, and fairy lights. A signboard with a heart full of flowers and THE question can also be effective.

5. A Proposal with a thousand yellow daisies

Gilmore Girls has a line that reads, “When you propose, there should be a thousand yellow daisies, candles, and a horse.” Therefore, before he asked, he made sure the area was covered in a thousand yellow daisies. Sometimes, it’s the focus you place on the things she values and loves. Add that to the proposal to make it unique and heartfelt, which you will cherish forever.

6. Cook your partner’s favourite meal

It’s difficult to eat at your preferred restaurant, especially during Valentine’s week, therefore prepare your favourite meals at home. From pizza to biryani, the sky is the limit.  Serve the tasty biryani with shorba and make one at home using traditional spices. Or pav bhaji in the roadside style? If you try this recipe, your partner will be incredibly impressed with you. A romantic dining setup, then, when her stomach is full, makes her heart full as well by popping the big question!

7. Propose with pizza

One of your favourite suggestions for a stay-at-home date night has been pizza and movies. But if there was ever a time to push this warm concept, now is it. You can easily make her a homemade pizza or place an order from her favourite pizzeria. Once it has been delivered, you can either write the magic words on the pizza or the box with ketchup or your preferred spicy sauce or with bread sticks too!

8. Decorate a corner with hearty balloons

Choose a room in your home that is empty and decorate it with helium balloons in the shape of hearts on one wall (where you will propose) and scattered across the floor. Your best bets are pinks, whites, reds, and golden hues. Installing a camera stand is another option for capturing the lovely moment.

9. Bedeck your bedroom

The most memorable moments of your relationship are usually shared in your bedroom, so why not include a significant proposal here as well? The perfect setting for a highly romantic at-home proposal is a decked-out bedroom with a “Will You Marry Me?” sign, rose petals, and candles, and she’ll appreciate all the work you put into creating the moment.

10. A romantic evening on the terrace

In India, it is the time of year for cosy blankets and winds. Make them your best friends and the beautiful setting for your at-home wedding proposal. Bring her outside and say something sweet, such as, “Let’s set a date for tonight; we’ll go outside to enjoy the weather, then come inside and have your favourite dinner.” In this way, she won’t notice anything when she gets dressed, and you can propose while you’re enjoying mother nature’s cloud cover.

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