‘I Feel Good About Taking Public Transport, it’s like I’m Making a Difference…’: Jay Soni


New Delhi: 2023 just got luckier for actor Jay Soni. The actor recently joined in the cast of the longest-running show on Indian Television, YRKKH as Abhinav Sharma followed by the show’s ranking shoot up. While Jay Soni is busy basking in the glory of his success, he’s also mindful. 

The actor was recently spotted traveling in Mumbai metro to work and apparently enjoyed interacting with fellow passengers who recognised him and had some fun conversations with strangers. 

Talking about his experience traveling via public transport, Jay excitedly shares, ‘ I’m not trying to make any point but it is something very basic and the quickest mode of transport. We live in a city with heavy traffic and I cannot afford to spend a considerable amount of time stuck at traffic signals. I’ve no shame in taking public transport and in fact, I suggest if we all even try to go that route, we’ll contribute to lesser pollution & also it is the cheapest and fastest way to get to your destination. It makes me feel good about reducing the carbon print.’ 

‘I feel we as a generation complain all the time about the minor inconveniences, we talk about the pollution & traffic, but are we doing anything about it? Are you willing to try to give up the comfort of a private car & try taking public transport?! They say charity begins at home & try it sometime, ‘ Jay adds.


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