Big devastation can come due to the explosion of glacier lakes, danger looms over 30 lakh population in India


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New Delhi : According to a study, due to the explosion of glacier lakes, the lives of a large population of the country and the world can be in danger. According to this study in Nature Communication magazine, due to glacier lakes, 3 million people in the country and 15 million people in the world are in their lives. Glaciers are retreating rapidly all over the world and the lakes formed by them can burst at any time.

study internationally

Just four countries – India, Pakistan, Peru and China – account for more than half of the total population living around glaciers, according to an international study led by scientists from Britain’s Newcastle University. According to the study, as the temperature rises, the glacier pieces start melting and the water level in the lakes increases. Rising water levels in lakes can cause lakes to burst, their water and debris coming rapidly down the mountains as an inundation. This increases the possibility of situations like flood or tsunami.

16 incidents of glacier lake eruption in 2022

According to the researchers participating in this study, since 1941, more than 30 such incidents have come to the fore when thousands of people lost their lives due to the explosion of the glacier lake. According to the study, in 2022, there were 16 incidents of glacier lake eruption. In the study, 2,15,000 land-based glaciers of the world have been studied. These do not include glaciers on the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets.

Scientists used computer simulations to calculate how many glaciers would disappear, how many tons of ice would melt and how much sea level would rise, using different levels of warming. The world is now on track for a 2.7°C warming since the pre-industrial era, which could see 32 percent of the world’s glaciers disappear by 2100. Scientists say that in the future sea level will rise more due to melting of ice sheets than glaciers.

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