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KS Bharat Stump

KS Bharat IND vs AUS : In the very first match of the India vs Australia series, Team India gave debut opportunities to two players. Firstly, Suryakumar Yadav, who has been performing brilliantly for Team India in T20 and ODIs for the last almost two years. But KS Bharat got a chance to play for the first time in Team India’s jersey. Although KS Bharat has stumped for the Indian team before, but it was not his match, he came in place of Wriddhiman Saha to do wicketkeeping for a while. But today when he got a chance to debut, KS Bharat again did wonders. Bharat had a major contribution in two of Australia’s first five wickets that fell. He appeared in one and got the numbers as well, but he contributed in another wicket. Meanwhile, on social media, KS Bharat became famous in his very first match and was seen trending tremendously.

KS Bharat’s contribution to Usman Khawaja’s DRS

Australia’s first wicket fell in the form of Usman Khawaja. It was only the second over of the match and Khawaja was in front of Mohammad Siraj. On his very first ball, Usman got caught and the ball went and hit his pad. Although the on-field umpire did not give him out. Shortly after, captain Rohit Sharma went to the first bowler Siraj, talked to him. Siraj said that he is out, DRS should be taken. After this the captain confirmed with wicketkeeper KS Bharat. Siraj also said that he is out and after that the captain took a big decision in the last second of DRS. When the third umpire saw, it was found that Usman Khawaja was out. Team India got the first success on the very first ball of the second over. From there the Australian team came on the backfoot. After this, on the first ball of the next i.e. third over, Mohammed Shami made David Warner go, this left no stone unturned and the Australian team understood that the matter was serious. KS Bharat had a big contribution in this out. But he did wonders when he dismissed the world’s number one Test batsman Marnus Labuschagne.

KS Bharat Stump

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KS Bharat Stump

KS Bharat stumps out Marnus Labuschagne
The 36th over of the match was going on. Captain Rohit Sharma handed the ball to Ravindra Jadeja and Marnus Labuschagne was in front. Marnus Labushen was playing on a score of 49. Ravindra Jadeja bowls a short ball. On this, Labushen wanted to come forward and drive, but the ball came from the middle stump and turned towards the leg stump and Marnus Labushen got caught. The ball went straight into the gloves of KS Bharath. When Marnus could roam, Bharat scattered his stumps. With this, the innings of the world’s number one Test batsman comes to an end. KS Bharat showed tremendous quickness in getting out and did wonders. The entire stadium was filled with lions of spectators. Amazing happened when Australia lost another wicket on the very next ball. This put the Australian team under even more pressure and could not emerge after that. It can be understood from this that what level of wicketkeeper KS Bharat is. He did not let the slightest lack of Rishabh Pant be felt and showed his work whenever necessary.

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