Government subsidy will be available again on cooking gas! Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri gave this important information today. Government subsidy may start again on cooking gas, petroleum mantra


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kitchen gas But then the subsidy can start getting. This information was given by Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri in the Lok Sabha today. He said that if the international gas prices come down, the government can give relief to the consumers by way of subsidy on cooking gas. This information was given in Parliament on Thursday. Petroleum Minister Hardeep Puri said during Question Hour in the Lok Sabha on Thursday that the government imports 60 per cent of the total domestic requirement of gas.

Still Rs 200 subsidy

There is a (current) subsidy of Rs 200, he said. What is this subsidy? It is taxpayers money who are most vulnerable, we are always ready to help if it is left to this House and Honorable Prime Minister it would be ideal if international or Saudi contract price can come down further below $750. This will enable domestic LPG to be sold at more affordable rates. The import price is linked to the Saudi contract price.

Prices have increased significantly in the international market

Responding to a starred question on providing more subsidy to people on cooking gas, Puri said, “Interestingly, during the last two years the Saudi contract price – if we have to use it as a reference period – was $250 per 900 per metric ton to $900 per metric ton. Even today, I think it’s about $751 per metric ton. The minister said that the government is sensitive to the needs of the consumer population despite rising gas prices at the international level.

three cylinders given for free

Puri, in his reply, said, “We did not allow domestic LPG price to increase. The Saudi contract price increased by 333 per cent and yet there was very little increase in domestic LPG price. He told the House that during the pandemic Also, when the poor were suffering due to the lockdown, the government gave them three cylinders free of cost.

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