India will continue to buy oil from Russia, America will not impose sanctions. America does not want to mess with India, made this announcement regarding the purchase of oil from Russia


Joe Biden, President, America - India TV Hindi

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Joe Biden, President, America

Due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, where western countries including America have imposed sanctions on Russia, turning this disaster into an opportunity, India is buying oil from Russia at cheap prices. Although western countries have been raising questions on this move of India, but India has also made it clear that it will not compromise on its interests. Amidst all this America has made it clear that it is not going to impose any sanctions on India regarding this issue. The US has rejected the demand of some countries to impose sanctions on India.

Speaking to the press, Karen Donfried, Assistant Secretary (European and Eurasian Affairs) in the US State Department made it clear that the US is not going to impose any sanctions on India. Our relations with India are very important. We also welcome India’s move to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. He said that the way India appealed to end the Russia-Ukraine war, America also welcomes that.

Actually, America wants to make Russia very weak economically. That’s why its aim is to hit Russia’s oil supply. But when it came to the relations related to India on this issue, the US gave more attention to the relationship which has been strengthened in the last few years than imposing sanctions. In this matter, America has made it clear that it can change some of its rules but cannot leave India’s side.

America wants to be a major partner in the development story

The Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Defense Ministry, has said that the US wants to be not only India’s security partner but also a ‘key partner’ in its extraordinary growth story. Pentagon Press Secretary Brigadier General Patrick Rider made the remarks on Wednesday while responding to a question on the recently launched India-US initiative on critical emerging technologies.

“The high level of engagement from the US government, US industry and our universities is unprecedented and a strong signal that the US wants to be not only India’s security partner, but also a partner in India’s extraordinary growth story,” said Ryder. He said that the Department of Defense is looking forward to working with various other US agencies and partners under the ‘Initiative for Critical and Emerging Technologies’ (ICET) between India and the US, led by the White House. .

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