Indian Coast Guard dri seizes gold worth Rs 10 cr from Mandapam seashore. DRI and Indian Coast Guard caught 17.74 kg foreign gold off Tamil Nadu coast, worth so many crores


DRI and Indian Coast Guard seize huge amount of gold - India TV Hindi

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DRI and Indian Coast Guard seized huge amount of gold

The DRI, in a joint operation with the Indian Coast Guard, intercepted a fishing boat in the sea off Mandapam coast in Tamil Nadu, seizing about 17.74 kg of foreign gold. The cost of this gold is Rs 10.1 crore. This gold has been seized under the Custom Act 1962. The gold was hidden in 14 different packets, in different forms including bars, chains, sticks, towels. Three smugglers were arrested and their interrogation is on.

DRI had received intelligence input

DRI had learned that a gang in Vedalai/Mandapam, Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu was planning to smuggle gold in huge quantity from Sri Lanka through a fishing boat. Input was also received that three people would collect this gold in a fishing boat in the middle of the sea and bring it to the Mandapam coast.

Smugglers had thrown gold into the sea
On this input, an operation plan was done in collaboration with the Indian Coast Guard. Surveillance was done through Coast Guard Ship Charlie 432 and a fishing boat was identified. This boat was identified in the early morning of 8 February. This boat was intercepted near Mandapam Coast and chased. Three people present in the fishing boat started throwing the parcel from the boat into the sea, which was pulled out from the sea with the help of Coast Guard drivers.

In this manner, Chennai Zonal Unit DRI has so far seized 209 kg foreign gold in this financial year 2022-23 and 950 kg Indian gold has been seized this year.

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