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America and Russia are like two poles in global politics. When a country is with Russia, America moves away from it, while friendship with America knocks Vladimir Putin. But India has succeeded in combining both. On one hand, Russia says that it is ready to sacrifice Pakistan for India. At the same time, America says that it has no objection to India buying cheap oil from Russia. US Additional Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Karen Donfried said on Wednesday that the US has no objection to India buying oil from Russia. He said that we are not in favor of imposing any restrictions on New Delhi regarding this.

Donfried said in response to a question that our relationship with India is very important. He also appreciated India’s humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine and urged Russia to immediately end the war with Ukraine. The US official said that by the end of this century Russia’s oil and gas reserves will be halved. We do not believe that a policy of sanctions will be universally appreciated. We are satisfied with India’s steps. We have already seen the result of the collapse of Russia’s budget. He further said that we agree with Prime Minister Modi’s view that today is not the time for war.

Meanwhile Russia says that we are ready to sacrifice Pakistan for the sake of relations with India. Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov on Wednesday said that Vladimir Putin’s government has throttled defense ties with Pakistan to keep ties with India intact. He said that Russia will never work to harm India. Russian Minister Sergei Lavrov had earlier said that our country will maintain military ties with Russia. Let us tell you that on January 30, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto went on a tour of Russia. Although Russia has refused to give cheap oil to Pakistan. Apart from this, no major defense deal has been done so far.


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