pm modi speech in rajya sabha 10 big points. Those 10 big things of PM Modi’s speech, which will directly hurt the hearts of opposition parties


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was once again in full action in Parliament today. After scathing attack on Congress in Lok Sabha yesterday, today in Rajya Sabha also, PM Modi launched a scathing attack on Congress. PM Modi said that the Congress had dug pits in the country during its sixty years of rule, it did not have a permanent solution to any problem. He said that the Congress always throws mud at him, the more mud it throws, the more the lotus will bloom. Modi said that the Congress has played a major role in making the lotus blossom across the country. PM Modi selectively attacked the Congress in the Rajya Sabha today. Let’s know the big things of his speech.

10 big things of PM Modi’s speech-

  1. Mud to them, Gulal to me The Prime Minister said, Rajya Sabha has always guided the country. It is unfortunate that the behavior of some people in such an important House and the words of some people are going to disappoint the country. This is what I would say to the honorable members – he had mud, I had gulal.
  2. The more mud you throw, the more the lotus will bloom. The PM said, the more mud you throw, the more the lotus will bloom. That’s why I also express my gratitude for your direct or indirect contribution in feeding the lotus.
  3. Emphasis on first hanging, stopping and distracting- Despite the sloganeering by the opposition, Modi continued with his speech, launching one attack after another on the Congress. PM Modi said that it is natural for the Congress to shout because earlier they used to work with the intention of hanging, obstructing and misleading, but now the government has put a check on that intention, so the Congress is furious. The Prime Minister said that the country is repeatedly rejecting the Congress, yet the Congress and its allies are not deterring from their conspiracies. Modi said that the public is watching the actions of the opposition and is punishing them at every opportunity.
  4. In 60 years, the Congress only made potholes. Further in his speech, the PM said, in 60 years, the Congress only made potholes. His world used to run from Panchayat to Parliament. But he developed such a working style, due to which the country never thought of a permanent solution to a single challenge, nor did it ever try. When there was a lot of commotion, he used to touch things and move on. The people of the country were struggling with problems. But their priorities and intentions were different due to which there was no permanent solution to any problem.
  5. Congress toppled the elected government 90 times. The PM said that the Congress did not believe in democracy. Congress has toppled the elected government 90 times. He said that the same Prime Minister had used Section 356 50 times. It was the Congress that dismissed the governments of MGR and Karunanidhi. The Congress had also toppled Sharad Pawar’s government.
  6. The Nehru surname is not acceptable to the family and demands accounts from us. PM Modi said that earlier all the schemes were in the name of Gandhi-Nehru family. The Nehru surname is not acceptable to the family and demands an account from us. We named islands after Subhash Chandra Bose. PM Modi said that the Congress had even drowned the Khadi village industry. We named islands after Param Vir Chakra winners.
  7. People’s accounts opened in Kalburgi, Kharge’s account closed- Prime Minister Modi said that yesterday Kharge ji was complaining that Modi ji repeatedly comes to my constituency. I want to tell them that you have seen that I am coming, but you should also see that 1 crore 70 lakh Jan Dhan bank accounts have been opened there. More than 8 lakh Jan Dhan accounts have been opened in Kalaburagi alone. In a taunting tone, PM Modi said that so many bank accounts should be opened, so many people should become empowered and aware. In such a situation, if someone’s account is closed, then I can understand their pain. His pain is visible again and again.
  8. Draw the line of stone, not butter The Prime Minister said, we are bringing such a work culture, which is the way to end mine-yours. He said, we are not people who draw lines on butter, we are people who draw lines on stone.
  9. Appeasement ends with 100% benefit of the beneficiaries- The Prime Minister today repeatedly compared his government and the Congress government. He said that he is working to put 100 percent control on the politics of appeasement. They are bringing such a system that all scope of discrimination is ending and 100 percent benefit will reach the beneficiary. Our priority is the citizens of our country. We provided gas connections to more than 25 crore families. We worked hard with joy, satisfaction and pride. We are satisfied that we have provided facilities to the common man.
  10. Seeing the conspiracies of the Congress, the public punished- The country is with us, the public is rejecting the Congress.. But the Congress is not deterring from its habits. But the public is watching everything and is punishing at every opportunity. Tribal brothers made important contribution in independence but they remained deprived of development for decades. Questions kept arising in the minds of the youth regarding the government. If the previous governments had done less with dedication towards the tribals, then I would not have worked so hard. In Atal ji’s government, a separate ministry was formed for tribals and a separate budget was arranged.

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