syria earthquake syrian man Ahmad Idris lost his 25 relatives. Unlucky Ahmed Idrees! Unable to choose among 25 dead bodies of the family – whom to hug and cry


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Ahmed Idrees with grandson’s body

Damascus: Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have devastated the lives of thousands of people. The death toll in this disaster has reached more than 15 thousand. There are many families that were completely destroyed and no trace of them is left, while there are many such cases where only one person in the whole family survived. The story of Ahmed Idrees of Saraqib city of Syria is also similar.

According to Al Jazeera, this earthquake has taken away everything from Idris. 25 people of his family have died in this earthquake. These 25 bodies are kept in a room of a shelter home. Idris sometimes goes to one dead body and sometimes to another. In this way he is going to all the 25 dead bodies one by one. He doesn’t understand which dead body he should hug and cry. Everyone belongs to his family.

Sarakib came running away from death, but death was waiting here

There is a saying that a man can run away from everything but not from death. The moment death is written, it is sure to happen. No matter how far you run. No claim can be made on how true this saying is and how wrong it is, but this is exactly what happened with Idris.

Media reports testify to this, in which Idris himself states that he had come to the city of Saraqib to escape the ongoing war in Syria, so that his children could be safe. But little did he know that he survived the war but the earthquake stood as the cause of death for his family.

The story of Idris is painful

Ahmad Idris Family


Ahmed Idrees looking at the faces of the dead bodies of the family

The story of Idris is so painful that anyone will get emotional listening to it. On one side lies the dead body of Idris’s grandson, on the other side lies the bodies of Idris’s daughter and son. Important members of Idris’s family, including his son-in-law, are now in front of him only in the form of dead bodies.

Please tell that there was a powerful earthquake in Turkey and Syria on Monday. Its intensity on the Richter scale was 7.8. Due to this earthquake, till the time of writing this news, more than 15 thousand deaths have taken place.

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