The world rare blue lobster caught in the sea of ​​Northern Ireland scientists are also surprised Know what is this?


Rare lobster found in sea off Ireland - India TV Hindi

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Rare lobster found in sea off Ireland

New Delhi. A blue lobster considered one of the world’s rarest has been caught in the sea off Northern Ireland. Blue Lobster.. whose catching is considered unbelievable even by scientists around the world, has created a strange curiosity in the hearts of those who see it. This blue lobster was caught when 28-year-old fisherman Stuart Brown was fishing in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland. When he pulled out his fishing net and hook, he was stunned to see an incredibly rare blue lobster rising from the ocean.

Stuart Brown said that catching such a lobster was a surprise to everyone. This amazing creature was brought in a vessel from the north shore of the Lough, near Blackhead Lighthouse. It was too small to keep a lobster. So after taking his pictures, he was forced to leave back in the water. Stuart said he was swimming as happy as he could after being released into the water. In such a situation, it is expected that if someone catches him in the future, he will leave him back in the water.

Lobster caught in 15 to 18 feet deep water

Stuart said his boat was in 15 to 18 feet of water when he caught the blue lobster. After catching it I slid the vessel over to the crew, who fished it out and remarked that it was very blue. I then looked at him and said yes, no problem. I looked at the lobster again and said it was really very blue. Stuart, an experienced fisherman who started fishing at age 11, previously cautioned that “you’ll find lobsters out there that don’t look normal, they’ll be a little brown or red, just something with them.” Will be different, but nothing extreme. But this was even more rare than that.

According to scientists, one blue lobster can be found in 2 million
According to zoologists the chances of catching a blue lobster are one in 2 million, which means it was indeed Stuart’s lucky day. Stuart said that “I checked on Google to see how rare it was and the chance of catching it was one in a couple of million.” County Down Seafood Whole Trade shareholder said it was now one of the “weird and wonderful things” found in the ocean that it could cross off its list. Genetic variation can cause some lobsters to be a different color than the more common brown or red variety. But the Blue Stuart is extremely rare. This difference means that some proteins are made at different rates from others. Because of this it can happen.

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