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Jaiphal to Jaiyon treatment: Nutmeg is a type of herb that is used as a spice in food. But, nutmeg has some special benefits for the skin. In fact, nutmeg can help reduce skin inflammation and irritation and it is helpful in increasing hydration in skin cells. Also, it can reduce the marks of chicken pox, boils and acne. Apart from this, its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties are helpful in removing blackheads, treating acne and clogged pores. But, today we will tell you about its use in freckles.

3 ways to treat freckles with nutmeg – How to use jaiphal for freckles

1. What happens on the face by applying nutmeg and milk

Nutmeg is effective to cure freckles and pigmentation on your face. For this, you have to grind nutmeg and mix it in milk and then apply it on your face. Leave it here for a while and massage it with light hands. Then leave it like this. Now wash your face with cold water.

aloe vera

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aloe vera

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2. Nutmeg and Honey Face Pack

Nutmeg and honey face pack is helpful in reducing freckles. Actually, it works to increase hydration in the face and brings glow to the skin from inside. Also honey heals your skin from inside and reduces freckles. So, grind nutmeg and add honey to it. Apply it on your freckles.

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3. Nutmeg and Aloe Vera

Mixing both nutmeg and aloe vera and applying it on your face can lighten freckles. Also, both these things work to increase hydration and add moisture to the skin. In addition, it boosts collagen and enhances the glow of the skin. So, before going to sleep at night, mix aloe vera in ground nutmeg and apply it on your face.

(This article is for general information, before adopting any remedy must consult a doctor)

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