Turkey-Syria Earthquake Death Toll Crosses 15000 People Get Angry Over Earthquake Tax


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Turkey-Syria Earthquake: The death toll in Turkey-Syria after two strong earthquakes on Monday has increased to more than 15,000. At least 12,391 people have been killed in Turkey, according to officials, while 2,992 have been killed in Syria.

The toll is likely to rise further as bad weather and severe cold are hampering the rescue and relief operations and rescue operations are still going on at many places.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Erdogan has admitted that there were ‘shortcomings’ in the relief and rescue work after the earthquake. He acknowledged that his government faced problems in its initial response to the devastating earthquake in southern Turkey. This caused widespread resentment among the people.

“Of course, there are shortcomings,” Erdogan said during a visit to the quake-hit city of Kahramanmaras. He said that seeing the circumstances, it is clear that there is a lack of preparedness, but it is not possible to be prepared for such a disaster.

On the other hand, the local people, including the opposition parties, are attacking the Turkish government and are asking to give the details of where and when the amount collected in earthquake tax was spent. According to local media reports, people are directly putting the Turkish government in the dock and asking the question that where did the amount of 88 billion lira (Turkish currency) go, which has been collected in the name of earthquake tax for many decades. Used to be.

Let us tell you that in 1999, there was a severe earthquake in Turkey, in which more than 17000 people died. Turkey suffered massive economic losses from this devastation. After this, the Turkish government started collecting earthquake tax from the citizens to deal with the disaster like earthquake, so that the economic loss could be compensated in time and infrastructure could be developed again.

According to an estimate, about 88 billion lira ($4.6 billion) has been collected from this tax so far. However, the government has not yet made its information public. So, now people are asking where and when was that amount spent?


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