What is Earthquake Tax Turkey government has been charges continuously since 1999 | What is Earthquake Tax? Which the government of Turkey has been recovering continuously since 1999


Earthquake Tax Turkey - India TV Paisa
Photo:India TV What is Turkey’s earthquake tax?

Turkey Government Earthquake Tax: The earthquake in Turkey on Monday has caused huge devastation. More than 15 thousand people have lost their lives in this disaster and thousands of people are still buried under the debris. Rescue operations are being carried out on a war footing to evacuate these buried people. Meanwhile, discussion has started there regarding earthquake tax. In fact, since 1999, the government there has been collecting money from the general public to protect them from the damage caused by earthquakes. At present, its amount is being told as 88 billion lira (4.6 billion dollars). Let us tell you, Lira is the currency of Turkey. At present there is the government of Erdogan.

What is earthquake tax?

The earthquake tax was introduced in Turkey in 1999, when more than 17,000 people lost their lives due to a 7.4-magnitude earthquake. Since then, the government there had started collecting a tax from the general public to compensate for the damage caused by the earthquake. In the language there, this tax is called Compulsory Levy. In the language of common speaking, it is called Earthquake Tax and officially called Special Communication Tax. Explain that the money collected through this tax is not deposited in any special fund, but is put in the regular revenue. Actually, Turkey is counted among those countries where the old building is very high. Some are 100 years old and some have been made even before that. The purpose of the government to collect this tax was to maintain and strengthen it, but according to the allegation of the people there, the government did not spend a single lira on this work. This is the reason why the buildings could not take the tremors of the earthquake.

Is there any such tax in India also?

The Government of India does not charge any such tax. Actually, earthquakes keep coming again and again in Turkey, so the government there charges it. According to a media report, when there was an earthquake in Gujarat’s Bhuj in 2001, there was talk of collecting a cess of 2% by the then Modi government. After that there were many more earthquakes in India, but no such tax was fixed by any government.

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