6 people were pulled out alive after 100 hours in Turkey earthquake, 1 person survived by drinking urine


People being pulled alive from the rubble of the Turkey earthquake (File) - India TV Hindi

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People being pulled alive from the rubble of the Turkey earthquake (File)

New Delhi. Miracles still continue to happen in the devastating earthquakes of Turkey and Syria. Today, even after 100 hours of the devastation, relief and rescue teams have pulled out 6 people alive from the debris. Everyone was surprised to see this. It is amazing to see such charisma after the havoc of nature. That’s why it is said that “jako rakhe saiyan maar sake na koi”… The way people are coming out of the debris alive even after so long, it has boosted the morale and confidence of the rescue workers. A man has been pulled out alive after 94 hours, who survived by drinking his own urine.

It is noteworthy that on Monday, two major tremors of 7.8 and 7.5 magnitude earthquakes have caused heavy destruction in Turkey and Syria and more than 21 thousand people have lost their lives. Rescuers in Turkey’s Iskenderun pulled out six people alive Friday morning after being buried under rubble for 101 hours. Murat Begul, a search and rescue worker, said that huddled together in the small space left inside the collapsed building helped the six men to survive. All the six people are relatives. The death toll from this earthquake has exceeded the number of deaths due to the earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima, Japan, and the process of getting bodies out of the debris is going on, due to which the number of casualties is expected to increase further.

Had to drink own urine to live

The devastation of the Turkey earthquake is heart wrenching. Four days after the earthquake, rescue workers pulled 17-year-old Adnan Muhammad Korkut alive from a house building in Gaziantep, the epicenter of the earthquake. He told that he was buried under the debris for 94 hours and survived by drinking his own urine. Korkut said, “Thank God you (rescuers) came.” His mother and others bent down and kissed him as Korkut was being carried into an ambulance.

4 year old child found alive after 105 hours
Rescuers in Adiyaman, Turkey, rescued a 4-year-old boy named Yogiz Komsu after nearly 105 hours of being buried in an earthquake. According to Haber Turk, who live-streamed the rescue operation, after the child was pulled out, efforts were on to pull the mother out of the debris. After the rescue workers pulled out the child, the crowd was asked not to make noises of joy, as the child was in shock. Haberturk television channel reported that nine people trapped in the rubble of a multi-storey building in the city of Iskenderun have been identified, of whom six people, including a woman, have been rescued. He said the building was just 200 meters from the Mediterranean Sea and narrowly escaped being inundated by high waves after the quake. More incidents of being pulled alive from the debris have also come to the fore. A German rescue team said it had managed to pull a woman alive from the rubble of a house in Kirikhan after nearly 50 hours.

Possible to survive under debris for more than a week
Two teenage sisters were rescued in Kahramanmaras, the most affected by the earthquake. Experts say a person can survive in the rubble for a week or more, but the freezing cold makes the chances bleak. Significantly, there is severe winter in the area and temporary morgues have been set up to keep and identify the dead bodies. In many areas, people are still struggling for tents and food. Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appeared in public on Friday for the first time since the earthquake. He visited Aleppo University Hospital with his wife Asma. He also met rescue workers in the quake-hit areas.

18 thousand deaths in Turkey and more than 3 thousand deaths in Syria
Turkey’s Disaster Management Agency has so far confirmed the death of 18,300 people and injuries to about 75,000 people due to the earthquake. The government has not yet disclosed the number of people rendered homeless. At the same time, 3,300 people have been confirmed killed in the earthquake in Syria, which together have killed a total of 21,600 people in the earthquake so far. In the year 2011, the number of people who lost their lives in the Fukishima earthquake and tsunami in Japan was 18,400. According to Turkey’s Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum, about 12,000 buildings in the country have either collapsed or are seriously damaged.

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