ChatGPT AI India connection know who is Mira Murati cto of open ai google bard is another ai | ChatGPT AI’s India connection came to the fore, know who is Meera Murati whose exploits surprised the world


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Photo:India TV India connection of ChatGPT AI surfaced, know who is it

ChatGPT AI India Connection: Meera Murati is the CTO of OpenAI. ChatGPT The company which has developed an artificial intelligence powered chatbot called Chatbot has recently expressed its concern over its misuse. Meera Murati said in a media interview that AI can be misused. Or it can be used by bad actors. So how do you control the use of this technology globally? How do you regulate the use of AI in line with human values? This is also a question. If it is used in the right way then it will prove to be extremely helpful.

What is ChatGPT?

Know more about Meera Murati of ChatGPT before that let us know what is ChatGPT. Actually it is an AI, which had reached more than 1 million users only after five days of launch. The job of this AI is to modify the information available on millions of websites and convert it into a simple language to respond to the users. With its help, an article can be written on any subject. Provided that information about that subject is already available on Google. It is working in different languages ​​of the world.

What is ChatGPT’s Meera Murati’s India connection?

Born in San Francisco in 1988, Meera Murati was raised in the United States, although her parents are of Indian descent. She has worked as a Senior Product Manager at Tesla. He has completed his graduation in engineering from Thayer School of Engineering in Dartmouth. Currently, she is serving as the SVP of Research, Product & Partnerships and Open AI.

Recently Google has launched the option of ChatGPT in the market.

ChatGPT was introduced last year in the month of November. Since then, OpenAI has revealed the extraordinary capabilities of ChatGPT and its impact on everyday life. The CEO of Google has expressed surprise about this before, now he is bringing Google’s own AI, named Bard AI. Let me tell you, the company was working on this powerful AI for the last six years and now finally the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai has introduced it. In a blog post, Pichai explained who Bard is and what are some of its basic functionalities. The name of the company’s language model is LaMDA, on which it will work.

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