Free Offer Goods are available for free in this shop you can bring home all the things you need without buying. Free Offer! Goods are available for free in this shop, you can bring home all the essentials without buying


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Free Offer Available: There is so much money in one part of the world that the lifestyle of the people there is going on very luxurious, while in the other part people are hungry, naked and facing the tragedies of nature. In today’s story, we will talk about that part where along with the lifestyle, humanity is alive among the people there. In fact, a high street shop offering food, clothes and other essentials for free has opened to help people survive this crisis. In Herne Bay city of UK, a woman named Maya Amangeldieva is running this offer for the residents there. The shop owners are urging people out there to stock up on whatever is short at home using Maya’s free shop. At her shop in Herne Bay, Kent, customers can buy clothes, handbags, pillows, candles and paintings without having to spend cash. Staff urge store visitors to take whatever they like from the donated items as they have “enough clothes to outfit the whole of Kent.” Anyone can show up, but the shop is hoping to help Herne Bay’s most vulnerable.

Helping people since 2015

According to a report in The Sun, the store is located in a former salon in the seaside town and Maya said she doesn’t care where customers come from, and has become so popular that people are reportedly But coming from all over the county to shop for free. On one day the staff claim that they also received more than 100 bags of donations. This is another project she has been running since 2015 with her community cafe for low-income and homeless people. Maya originally created the store after receiving a huge amount of donations to help families fleeing Ukraine. She moved to England from Turkmenistan 15 years ago and now runs the shop entirely through donations and cash from community benefit companies. The mother of three pays the rent and energy costs of the space using donated cash.

ability to clothe an entire city

Maya the generous owner said I don’t ask any questions and we don’t care about your income. Anyone can use our free shop. We receive donations all the time. Today we have more than 100 bags. To be honest, we have enough clothes to dress up the whole of Kent. I do not care. If you need help, I’ll help you. There is no other shop like this. Maya has over 150 volunteers who help out between the free store and café. Let me tell you, that shop started with installing a clothes rail for about 20 items in the community cafe there.

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