India’s ‘Operation Dosti’ continues in Turkey, Major Bina Tiwari said – everyone is happy with our treatment. India’s Operation Dosti continues in Turkey after earthquake Major Bina Tiwari said everyone is happy with


The strong tremors of the earthquake that occurred 4 days ago have caused a lot of destruction. The cities of the cities are in ruins. High-rise buildings have turned into rubble. So far more than 21 thousand people have died in Turkey and Syria. More than 70 thousand people are injured. The rescue operation is still going on in the midst of this dreadful scene of devastation. India stands firmly with Turkey in this hour of crisis. Indian Army and NDRF teams are carrying out rescue operations in Turkey under Operation Dost and are healing the wounds of devastation. Operation Dosti is currently being run by India for Turkey.

it was an emotional moment

Meanwhile, a team of Indian Army and NDRF team have been sent by the Indian government to Turkey for relief work. Meanwhile India TV team reached Turkey. Here we had a special conversation with Major Bina Tiwari, who came from the Indian Army for relief work. In this conversation, Bina Tiwari told that it was an emotional moment when a Turkish woman came and hugged her and started kissing her.

everyone is happy with our treatment

Major Bina Tiwari further said that we did not expect that the injured people here would be so happy with our treatment. All these people here are helping us since we came to Turkey. Everyone is very happy that we are here to help. He said that 60 Para Field Hospital has been involved in Nepal earthquake and many operations before. I got a chance to be a part of 60 Para for the first time and I am able to help people by coming to Turkey.

Beena Tiwari is from a military family

He said that I am a part of the Indian Army. Especially I am from 60 para field that I got a chance to come here and patients have got such good treatment that everyone is happy. She told that in her family her husband is also a soldier and her grandfather, father, father-in-law are all in the army. He said about doing such a good job in the Indian Army that the credit for reaching here goes to my family. She also thanked her seniors that she is able to take care of people because of the things taught by them.

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