Sinking of Pakistan is now fixed, no consensus on IMF’s relief package


Pakistan-India TV Paisa
Photo: File Pakistan

The situation of Pakistan surrounded by crisis is getting worse day by day. For Pakistan, which is facing shortage from petrol to flour, now there is no other way except drowning. One last hope for Pakistan was relief from IMF, but that hope also seems to be over. The talks between the two countries for the relief package for the past one week have ended today without any result.

According to information received from Pakistani media, no agreement has been reached between Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at the staff level for the $ 1.1 billion relief package. This package is very important to save Pakistan from bankruptcy. After ten days of talks, no agreement could be reached between the two sides regarding the package.

The Washington-based IMF said the talks would continue through virtual medium in the coming days. Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves have remained less than three billion dollars. To avoid financial collapse, it is in dire need of financial help and a relief package from the IMF at this time. The ninth review is currently pending and upon its successful completion, $1.1 billion will be released as the next tranche.

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