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Smartphone Hanging problem: The common problem we face with smartphones nowadays is hanging. Almost every smartphone, be it Samsung, Micromax or any other, after using it for a long time, at one time or the other, the phone starts hanging very often. The common reason for smartphone hanging is when you use too much RAM. Whenever the mobile phone freezes, we cannot immediately find out the exact reason because there are many. So if you are facing problems with your phone, then it is very important to take care of these things.

How to stop phone from hanging

Some things are responsible for the problem of smartphone hanging. It is very important to take care of those things. Let’s know about him

low ram

Most of the smartphones hang if there is not enough space in the RAM. So avoid downloading heavy apps without checking RAM. If your mobile phone is running on low RAM memory, keep in mind to close all background applications. A phone with less RAM capacity is capable of running multiple apps at the same time. Using multiple apps on a low RAM phone usually results in the phone hanging so often, especially when you are using it for a long time.

low storage

The storage capacity of a smartphone is limited so it should not be overfilled. Data like games and photos take up a lot of space on our phones and your smartphone needs storage space to function. Using more than 80% of your device’s storage will most likely cause your mobile phone to hang or freeze.


Continuous use of your phone while the smartphone is heating up may cause your phone to hang and restart sometimes. The heat of a smartphone should normally be between 35 – 38 Celsius, exceeding this can lead to cell phone hang problems.

clear recent data

To clear data, go to Settings – Apps – Select a frequently used app – Storage – Clear data. Apply this process to other apps that you use frequently to free up your phone’s memory and reduce the hanging problem on your smartphone.

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