UN urges ‘immediate ceasefire’ in Syria for earthquake aid


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Volker Turk, UN Chief

New Delhi. In view of the earthquake devastation in Turkey and Syria, the United Nations (UN) has urged an immediate ceasefire in Syria with the aim of providing humanitarian assistance to the victims. After this the US has suspended the sanctions. The call from UN human rights chief Volker Turk came as rescuers searched for survivors in the rubble. The death toll from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria has now reached above 22,000. The US Treasury Department has issued a six-month license to allow earthquake relief to Syria, following a UN call. It would later be banned again in the midst of a 12-year civil war.

The UN rights chief called on Friday for an immediate ceasefire in Syria to help get aid to all victims of the region’s devastating earthquake. “At this terrible time in Turkey and Syria, we call on Turkey and Syria to provide immediate assistance to all those in need,” the UN rights office said in a tweet. And calls for full respect for human rights and obligations under humanitarian law. So that help can reach everyone.” The call came as rescuers continued to search for survivors of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday. At least 3,377 people have died in Syria, where more than a decade of civil war and Syrian-Russian airstrikes had already destroyed hospitals, collapsed the economy and fueled power, fuel and water shortages. Had given.

Situation serious on Turkey’s border

Syrian rebel-held areas near the Turkish border are in a particularly dire situation, as they cannot receive aid from government-held parts of Syria without authorization from Damascus. At the same time, Bab al-Hawa – the only border crossing used to send life-saving aid from Turkey into conflict-torn Syria – has seen its operations disrupted by the deadly earthquake. Even before the earthquake, the United Nations had repeatedly stressed the need to open more borders to make it easier to get aid. Earlier on Friday, the head of the Syrian White Helmets emergency response group accused the United Nations of failing to deliver proper humanitarian aid to rebel-held areas of the country. Raed Al Saleh, who heads the group, said the region had not received any aid from the United Nations.

America gave relief
“As international partners and humanitarian partners mobilize to help those affected, I want to make clear that US sanctions on Syria do not stand in the way of life-saving efforts for the Syrian people,” said Wally Adeyemo, Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury. Won’t come.” Hence the license has been issued. so that aid providers can focus on what matters most: saving lives and rebuilding.” On Friday, Syria’s foreign ministry called the move “misleading” and called on the United States for its “unilateral measures and called for an end to their hostile practices and violations of international law”. In a statement, the Syrian Foreign Ministry called on various countries and international organizations to unconditionally lift the inhuman, immoral and illegal blockade imposed on the Syrian people. demanded”. Syria has been in the grip of civil war for 12 years. The sanctions imposed by the US and the European Union have made it difficult for the country to export.

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