Delhi LG VK Saxena orders the immediate removal of AAP leaders Jasmine Shah and Naveen Gupta from DISCOMs

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The ongoing battle between Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi has now come down to power. LG has now given another big blow to AAP by ousting two nominated members of AAP from the discom board.

According to information, the LG on Saturday barred AAP spokesperson Jasmine Shah and Rajya Sabha MP ND Gupta’s son Naveen Gupta and other private persons who were illegally appointed as government nominees on the boards of private discom companies. was appointed in, has ordered to appoint senior government officials, removing them immediately.

AAP leaders are alleged to have colluded with private representatives on the boards of DISCOMS owned by Anil Ambani and defrauded the exchequer to the tune of Rs 8000 crore.

As per the LG’s order, the Finance Secretary, Energy Secretary and the MD of Delhi Transco will now represent the government on Ambani and Tata-owned discoms once these discoms come into existence.

Private discom companies in Delhi – Anil Ambani’s BYPL (BYPL), BRPL (BRPL) and Tata’s NDPDCL (NDPDCL) distribute electricity.


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