In the case of Parasnath hill, the tribal organization jammed the rail track, canceled a dozen trains. Jharkhand tribal organization blocked the rail track In the case of Parasnath hill dozen trains were canceled

Jharkhand tribal organization blocked the rail track In the case of Parasnath hill - India TV Hindi

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Activists of an organization called Adivasi Sengal Abhiyan blocked railway tracks at several places in Jharkhand on Saturday demanding 5 demands to give rights of Parasnath hill (Marang Buru) to tribals. Please tell that due to this movement, the timing of many trains was badly affected here. More than a dozen trains have been cancelled. At the same time, the routes of more than half a dozen trains have been diverted. In Jharkhand, the maximum impact of this movement has been felt in Chakradharpur Railway Division.

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The leaders of Adivasi Sengal Abhiyan claim that this movement is being run in 5 states simultaneously. The workers of the campaign have blocked railway lines at many places near Chandil, Derova, Khemasuli, Kantadih and Bahalda stations of Chakradharpur Railway Division. Due to this, the operation of trains on the Howrah-Mumbai main route came to a complete standstill for about three hours. More than a dozen trains running at various stations including Kharagpur-Tata, Kharagpur-Howrah, Tata-Danapur, Tata-Asansol, Chakradharpur-Gomo have been cancelled. Passenger train and Howrah Intercity train between Tatanagar to Ranchi were run on the changed route.

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Passengers going to Danapur were sent by Bilaspur Patna weekly train. Passengers of Howrah Pune Duronto and Ispat Express were sent by Tata Itwari Express so that people going to Rourkela could board Duronto Express. Passengers have created ruckus at many stations on the information of cancellation of trains and change of routes. Security forces and local police removed the supporters from the railway line by convincing the agitators. After the information about the railway track jam, help desks were opened at the stations to help the passengers so that the passengers could get complete information about the train operations. Railways have suffered a lot due to the rail chakka jam.

Premshila Murmu, President of Adivasi Sengel Abhiyan, Kolhan Division, said that the nature-worshipping tribals of India are agitating for the demand of separate Sarna Dharma code. Apart from this, Marangburu on the Parasnath hill has been captured by the Jains. The government should free Marangburu (the deity of the tribals) from the Jains without delay, otherwise the tribals will take action to demolish the Jain temple on the lines of the Babri Masjid.

The demand will be sent to the central-state government

On the other hand, at Parasnath railway station in Giridih, the tribal agitators blocked the wheel for some time. The crowd of tribal leaders sat on the railway track itself. CRPF officials including SDPO Manoj Kumar, Naushad Alam held talks with the agitators and said that their demands will be forwarded to the Central and State Government. When the agitating leaders and supporters gathered at Parasnath station to block the railway track, it was time for many express, superfast and passenger trains to pass through the station.

Dumri police and GRP officers were shocked to know about this. During this, somehow the entire track was vacated by convincing the agitators. Tribal leader Anand Tudu, who is leading the movement, said that the tribal community in 5 states of the country has stopped train and road traffic on Saturday.


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